McDonald v Chicago

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    Just a snip from the synopsis of the ruling. I find this very interesting, in light of on-going efforts to restrict the peasantry from being armed.

    Now, as I understand it, Priveleges and Immunities means that I am immune to restriction in my Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The Priveleges part does not apply to this, as a Right is not, by definition, a Privelege. (Marlin, I'd like your thoughts on this part.)

    I think many who are disecting this decision and predicting what the effects on our society are missing is that this was not decided strictly on the Due Process clause. Were the Due Process clause the only basis for the decision, then any government entity would only have to apply processes so onerous that few, if any would be eligible or able to be armed. And then duely follow those processes and apply them equally to all citizens.

    This is a BIG part of the decision, folks. Having the Priveleges and Immunities clause applied to the 2nd will be a tremendous help in future battles against the elites in our governments. This part of the decision will also make it easier to fight agencies which seek to impose regulations which restrict our Right to Keep and Bear arms.

    This is GREAT!!!!!!

    :yes::cheers::getem: (Where's my thumbup?)

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