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    Cool site, Marlin
    I'm going to have to check them out!!

  2. As stated above, capsaicin from peppers is a very good thing. Not only is it good for teh prostate but it is made into a cream and used for pain management. I use it on a regular bases for my back and legs. I have a crushed spine r0om a motercycle wreck sone 17 years ago. I started oiut using capsaicin cream in a .01% solution from the advice of my doctors at the VA. I am now up to a .025% solution cream. It has helped deaden the nerve endings to some degree in my back and my legs. NOTE, watch what part of legs used one, if it bends or flesh meets flesh, stay away from those areas. Like liquid heat if you knwo what I mean. Now back to the Peppers, they are doing research every day on capsaicin and are finding that is is good for many painful ailments. It does slow or even stop the contraction of some types of cancers, has actually helped in some ulcers, great as a muscle rub as I stated, and it boosts the metabolism in many people. OIt also does have the affect you mentioned, you do build up a tolerence to it and can eat even hotter food with a steady diet of it. I bet you ahve not hurt your body one bit by eating hot peppers. ONLY draw back is to people who are nbot used to eating hot foods and eat a very hot pepper to "see" how it tastes, they can actually do harm to their tasts buds of the tongue.

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    Great site Marlin T

    Check this one out when you get a chance, would ya? Hot Sauce link I am currently trying the Jack Daniels Black Label, which is just pretty dang good, but my next purchase will be the Black Mamba which consists of the chocolate habanero... I haven't tried the chocolate just yet, but they say the Scoville rating is very close to the Red Savanna.

    This stuff can get quite expensive, I think the 2oz bottle of Black Mamba is going to be over 12.00 plus shipping, so I suggest any fire breathers among us mosey on down to the recipe forum and try the sauce that Rich sent me, as I have it posted there. I'm having fun playing with the ingredients.

    Oh here's a pic of the JD sauce. Sorry it's so dark...I'm really going to have to break down and buy another camera soon. :)

    Thank you all for the information!

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    If you have ever watched the Mythbusters, particularly within the past two weeks, you may recall in one of their experiments that a pepper expert/seller said that someone ate so many hot peppers that the person died from suffocation. Like many things, to much can kill you.
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    I got a bottle of Black Mamba for Christmas, have worked my way through about 1/2 of it. A little of that stuff goes a long way.... it's wicked!!! :eek:
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    I don't watch much TV lately, but you know, we have to consider the unknowns here as well... I was watching YouTube recently where one kid was trying to eat like 10 raw habaneros without stopping. It's the stupid stuff like this that "make the news".

    I have heard of people actually, somehow ruining their eardrums during these contests. Not sure how that happens, but I don't think I wanna find out. :eek:

    I bet!

    Cant wait to try it. :D

  7. The brain reacts to the pain-causing capsaicin by releasing endorphins, the natural chemical that heroin and other opiates mimic. That's also the explanation for why people get "addicted" to running and other hard exercise. It does become a "need" as you put it, and can be legitimately be considered an addiction, though it's to a chemical your brain is producing in reaction, not to the external stimulus itself.

    Try going without it for three days and see what happens - warn family members first, though, you may be irrationally grouchy.
  8. Not to worry, Donny. I hear that good beer neutralizes any bad effects of peppers, so it's a win win situation. :D;)
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    I think they tried that on Mythbusters and it did little to calm it, if not, irritated it even more. Whole milk, however, is the best way to calm a burning tongue, it seems. Oh, and wasabi will also cure the burn...if the burn is more intense then the wasabi.
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    LOL, okay, although endorphins are released through the consumption of peppers, it does NOT cause one to become addicted to eating them, such as one will become addicted to a drug such as heroin. The "need" for hotter peppers is nothing more than what has already been expressed here, in the way that your taste buds are accustomed to the heat and you "need" a hotter pepper to feel the heat.

    There is no "dependence"... No need to ween yourself off of peppers for three days, or warn your family if you do so. :rolleyes:

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    I know that the Acid Rain “ONLY” has a heat rating of 9. There is a special edition Acid Rain that they added what they call the Hatari pepper to give it a 10.

    But if that isn’t hot enough for you, how about this???


    Uncle Big's Killer Hot Sauce
    Uncle Big's is the hottest sauce with the mostest flavour!!
    Remember, you can use it as an additive, but if you want to take a pull straight out of the bottle, don't be surprised if your taste buds tap out on you! All the proof you need is one turn of the cap away.
    Warning: extremely hot
    Ingredients: Hatari, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Peri Peri, Piquin, Tepin, Birds Eye, Cayenne Peppers, Natural African Oleoresin, Molasses, Tomatoes, Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice, Vinegar, Garlic, Sea Salt, Onion, Herbs, Spices, and Honey
    Heat: 10 +++++
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  12. Something I have been eating and really like is called El Yucateco. It is hot and has an excellent flavor. I use it on eggs, meats, and just about everywhere I want hot flavor. My wife made breakfast for supper last night and I loaded up my egg with this stuff and covered my hashbrowns with tabasco. Great stuff!!

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    excellent choice flannelman. el yucateco has 3 different kinds- IMHO you have the best version which is supposed to be based on a Mayan recipe...
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    We love hot sauce in our house, some what of a collection going. I stick to Chalua if I am feeling fancy. I but these big like liter-and-half bottles at WalMart for a buck-fifty of this stuff called Chamoy. It's really sweet, not super spicy but you can't beat 1.5L for $1.50.

    I'm not a huge super-spicy fan, but I do want spice on everything. Almost everything I make/eat gets slathered in some sort of hot sauce, whether it be pizza, eggs, burgers, SPAM, corned beef hash, soup, etc.

    Sweet cherry pepper's are awesome, just bought a big jug of those too.

    When I was in Mexico I ate a Habenero, thought I was going to die. They told me it's hotter than a jalepeno so I took a nibble and thought, hey this is no big deal, so took a big bite. That day was when I learned it isn't the pepper that is spicy, its the danged seeds!

    I got the GERD though so gotta keep spice somewhat limited these days. Either that or pump myself with tons of heartburn pills.
  15. Oh, yeah, I get grouchy if I don't get my hot sauce. Or maybe it's lack of sex - they say that causes the release of endorphins, too. And then there's coffee. It's a lot of time spent, you know, keeping one's self from grouchiness. On the other hand, if I had adequate supplies of coffee, sex and peppers, I wouldn't need much else. And think how I'd lose weight!
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