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    I posted this question in the technical section but you guys here seam a bit more knowledgeable so I'll repeat it for those who don't go to the Tech page:

    I was given an unopened gallon can of MIL-C-372 B Amendment 2 Rifle Bore Cleaner, made in Feb 1982 by Octagon Process Inc. A Google of that Mil Spec seems to indicate it is the commercial Break Free made for the military and is a weapons cleaner, as well as a bore cleaner. I do use Break Free so I know what it can do.

    Anyone know any different? Is it safe to use? Does it have a a self life (it is 27 years old!). It is in a sealed can, unopened.

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    That milspec would indicate to me it's a commercial product made to a mil specification. Might be slightly different from the commercial product but that could only be the packaging.

    Breakfree is an oil product, and if stored I don't think it would break down, especially in an unopened can. I would go ahead and use it!
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    Break-Free CLP is MIL-SPEC PRF 63460 (or C-63460, L-63460) which is a lubricant, cleaner, preservative (hence the CLP in the commercial name). I've got a military bottle sitting on my bench...looks identical to the black CLP bottles you buy in the store except it has the standard military "generic" label instead of the commercial label.
    Break-Free products are made by Break-Free Inc from Jacksonville FL not Octagon Process.

    Not sure exactly what MIL-SPEC C-372 is besides bore cleaner. (C meaning a cleaning fluid, L meaning lubricant, PRF meaning preservative fluid)
    Here's an MSDS for 372 Rev C (as opposed to your can of Rev B stuff).
    Doubtful the formula changed much from revision to revision.
    Looking at the MSDS, the formula is very similar to Hoppes#9 but a little different.

    C-372 is also made by other chemical contractors too. I did a quick Google search but didn't find any familiar commercial names, just industrial/aerospace chemical suppliers.
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    i would try it on something other than a gun that u dont care about and see what happens

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