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  1. I've been collecting old military field gear for quite some time, mostly WWII and Korea vintage canvas web gear. Found an old pouch I've never seen before at a local flea market this morning and thought the TFF bunch may help.

    It's pictured below. Other than the U.S. on the front of the flap, there is an oval with letters on the inside of the flap; can't make out the words any more.

    What do you think?

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  2. Rommelvon

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    Looks like a ww2 medic pouch for find
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  3. Xracer

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  4. You both may very well be right. At first I thought it may be a grenade pouch but first aid seems more likely. I have one of the first aid belt pouches made for the field dressing and this one is larger. The thing that really makes my curious is the extended belt attachment.

    Thanks for the input.
  5. Xracer

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    Probably made that way so it could attach to the bottom hookeyes of the web belt and hang below the typical M1 ammo pouch. It would take up less room on the belt thus leaving room for more ammo pouches or other accessories (canteen, entrenching tool, etc.).
  6. bunnyhunter12

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    Could be a profilactic(sp?) kit. You know so you always have a few ready when you really NEED one. Like in amphibeous assaults, to keep water out yer barrel.
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