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    Jun 27, 2001
    Date: 5/8/2003 12:50:05 PM Central Daylight Time


    We have 1,358 signers for the Million Gun March petition through May 7,
    2003. We received 6 new signers yesterday. The Million Gun March
    petition has been up on the website for one full year now, and is a
    grassroots call to America to restore the Constitution through 5 major
    petition issues. The sign up is at and will be
    held in Washington DC on the 1st July 4th we have over a Million
    signers. There is also a local sign up to go to your own state capitol
    that historic day. I believe when we finally have a million signers we
    will attract a few million more, when the date arrives for the march.
    When Americans find their courage, America's Constitution will be
    restored that day. Those in government have sold out America since
    1913 and before. These new breed of politicians are just like the old
    breed: Protecting big government and their unconstitutional actions,
    that they THINK they can get away with at will. "We the People"
    through the Million Gun March petition say NO! Return our country and
    the government to the boundries of the US CONSTITUTION or "We the
    People" will. Sign up and join your courageous American brethren today.

    In addition, the MUTUAL DEFENSE PACT MILITIA is also up on the main
    page at www, and you can download the application and
    fax to Rick Stanley at 303-329-0498, E-mail the information to or mail to 6280 E.39th Ave Denver, CO 80207. All
    information is confidential, and this is a legal process to defend
    Americans from the predatory practices of the government regarding
    PROPERTY RIGHTS (taxes), PARENTS RIGHTS (the taking away of our
    children), and GUN RIGHTS (the theft of our guns). America will RE-
    LEARN to defend each other against illegal and Unconstitutional actions
    by those in government who have overthrown America from within.
    Notification goes to your e-mail address, and is mixed in with the
    addresses of the daily Newsletter of the Stanley Scoop. Delete or read
    the information from the Scoop, but the Mutual Defense Pact Militia
    releases will come out to all under a seperate header entitled:
    then follow in that release. If you can come to defend another
    American who needs defense, then please do. There are valid reasons
    why you can't, and of course that is understood. You are the one to
    make that determination. We do not have enough yet to activate the
    Militia, but we are working on it. Each of you who have signed up must
    now try and find a hundred people within an hour or so, of your home,
    so that we can make each area strong, and have an instant response
    force to an action in your area, while those from around the country
    make it to your area if an action should become necessary. Remember:
    Honor, Strength, Conviction, and Integrity! We will overcome. We are
    in the process of trying to bring in some of the organized militia
    around the country into this National Militia. One day we will have
    thousands per state, and we will defend Americans.


    Live Free or Die! Don't Tread on ME!! Liberty in our Lifetime!!!

    Rick Stanley
    Constitutional Activist
    Warrior for God and America

    Rick Stanley

    "The plain meaning of the right of the people to keep arms is
    that it is an individual, rather than a collective, right and
    is not limited to keeping arms while engaged in active
    military service or as a member of a select militia such as
    the National Guard." - U.S. vs. Emerson, 5th Circuit Federal
    Court, published October 16, 2000
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