mineral mountain knifes from arizona

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    this is a warning not to purchase a knife from mineral mountain knife works located in prescott arizona. i bought one of their handmade knives at a premium price. the design was awesome, but the steel was so hard i could not sharpen it. that wasn't the problem to me however. their knives come with a kydex sheath. the sheath does nothing but squeeze the knife to retain it. well, they don't work. i reached for my knife one day less than a month after i bought it and it wasn't there. i'd been in knee deep snow all day out in the woods. the owner and knife maker of mineral mountain would not return my emails, instead, having a flunkie do it. his front man is his salesman, and final authority. he said they do not have equipment failures and that they do not replace "lost" knives. so, i will never do business with these jerks and i hope you won't either.

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    Topgun, I'm not suprised they didn't replace a lost knife. I won't either. But I use 2 straps to make sure the knife won't fall out some where.

    I think this just shows that they don't use thier knives out in the field. This is how a lot of develpement should take place, on the knife and sheath.

    It just shows (once again) how important the sheath is. Everybody please, as soon as you get a knife, look at the sheath. Is it possible the knife will fall out? Or, even worse hurt you. I've seen a guy at a show put a knife in the sheath, and it cut it's way out the back. (leather, full 3 inches of blade came through.) In the field this would have hurt, or at least cut open your pants.
    Especially if the knife is hand made, tell the maker that you don't think the sheath will keep the knife secure where you're going to wear it. If they say "Don't worry about it." ask if they replace lost knives. If "NO" tell them you don't want the knife without a serviceable sheath, or a partial refund to pay for a good sheath.

    Makers will not keep making substandard sheaths.
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    I am the guy that this genius is apparently referring to as the "flunky".

    I don't even know where to begin. He and I exchanged many emails, ending with an apparently agreeable conclusion- still I see he didn't bother to correct his statements on this post.

    First off, Mineral Mountain is not located in Prescott Arizona. A few years ago I discovered Ted Frizzell of Mineral Mountain Hatchet Work's amazing knives and swords. Since he didn't have a web site, I made him one. He was very appreciative and offered me a "cut" from each knife he sells through the web site, so I began taking orders for him.

    "TopGun" contacted me a few months ago and told me his story. He apparently is under the impression that Kydex sheaths without retaining straps are "faulty". Ted makes his sheaths very tight, so I was surprised to hear that this person had his knife just fall out (I can take any MMHW knife in it's sheath and shake it upside down, and it won't budge).

    Anyway, here is the real issue. When I passed on the email to Ted from this guy, Ted couldn't believe that someone was demanding a free knife after (wait for it...!) 10 YEARS!! This guy bought a knife from Ted TEN years ago at a show, somehow lost it and, and is now asking for a replacement.

    Ted's reaction was that he wouldn't even bother to write the guy back, and by telling me his position, he thought I would email him and explain. A little miscommunication on our parts- no one emailed him back.

    Again, the knife wasn't purchased through me, so I didn't feel any special obligation to do anything. But I passed on the info anyway. Weeks later he wrote me back calling me names and talking about Ted's "inferior" products, adding that he had made a post professing the terrible quality and service of MMHW.

    Mineral Mountain is known in the knife community as being incredibly tough, hand-made, user knives for a great price. Ted offers a lifetime guarantee of defects in the workmanship of the knife. If you somehow are able to break one, he will replace it. He won't make you a new one if you lose it though. I don't know of any maker that would.

    Now sheaths are not meant to be bank vaults. They are meant for carrying your knife and protection from the edge. Some people like leather, some Kydex. Some like them super tight, with retaining straps; some (like me) prefer a looser sheath that allows quick deployment and doesn't scratch the blade finish.

    Thankfully most knife aficionados are responsible and reasonable people. They take responsibility for themselves and purchase only what suits there needs. I buy folding knives with pocket clips, so it can be easily deployed. Others like to carry folders at the bottom of their pocket, some in Cordura or leather belt sheaths with a snap. It all depends on your needs.

    If this gentleman was somehow able to make his knife fall out of the Kydex sheath (which is SO unlikely, given how tight Ted makes his sheaths, that I believe he is LYING), then I would hope he could have the integrity to realize it was HIS fault not the makers.

    Ted's quality work and professional, friendly service has earned him a reputation in the feild. It's was just a shame to see such baseless slander, that I had to post here. I'd be very interested to hear any comments. Thanks for your input!

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    it's always good to hear both sides of a story.
    Personally knowing there are 3-sides...
    Mine, There's and the Truth
    In this age where truth is fleeting and mass manipulation is common, the ability to detect when something doesn't make sense is a valuable one.
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    I'm with Top Gun. I will NEVER do business with MMHW again. Barry Frizzel is the heir apparent to the great business that his father set up more than 30 years ago. Barry, however, would do well to seek other employment. I emailed him a suggestion for a product line and he replied with a very sarcastic and moronic message, completely dismissing the suggestion in a most untactful manner. I have spent at LEAST $1000.00 on Ted's products over the past several years, but no more. There are too many other great knife makers out there. Barry might learn from these words, but I'm afraid he ain't smart enough.
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    Welcome to The Firearms Forum Edward. I don't believe you will ever get a reply from these folks. This thread is almost 13 years old and these folks have not been posting in years.
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    Thank you.
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    that has to be a record of bringing back an old thread
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    Hey guys, you won't believe this. One of the vacuum tubes burned out in my Zenith TV and they won't replace it. Amazing! What poor customer service, and the Gemco salesman wasn't any help either. Guess I'll be shopping at Zodies exclusively from now on. :D
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    Radio shack will likely have it.
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    It's too bad none of the Radio Shacks are with us any more!
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    Still a few of them around.
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    Sadly, I remember shopping at both stores... And riding my bike to the hardware store to use the vacuum tube tester.:rolleyes:
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