Miniature Kamakazi drones - Switchblade

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    Story & video here

    The U.S. military’ newest drone is a twenty-first century take on the kamikaze that can both surveil and eliminate America’s foes in a suicide attack— and it all fits in a backpack.

    Called the Switchblade, this new lethal unmanned aerial vehicle is a highly portable “magic bullet” that can engage enemies Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS), which gives a remarkable tactical advantage to our troops in theater. The enemy’s ability to hide beyond fortifications when ambushing our troops from fixed fighting positions should be substantially diminished by this new technology.

    The drone’s manufacturer, AeroVironment, expands on the mission set and specifications of this hyper-advanced warfare tool:

    “The drone gives a powerful but expendable miniature flying Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) package on a target within minutes. This miniature, remotely-piloted or autonomous platform can either glide or propel itself via quiet electric propulsion, providing real-time GPS coordinates and video for information gathering, targeting, or feature/object recognition.”

    The small size and quiet motor make it difficult to detect, recognize, and track even at very close range. The Switchblade can be deployed by an individual solider or be launched from a number of air and ground platforms.

    The comments section is worth reading because it doesn't take long for the "how long before they use them against us in a fight against totalitarianism?" question to surface. Would King Barak I, The Most Holy and Powerful Potentate really use them to stay in power? Hells yeah he would.

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    Those are some bad mama jammas!! Imaging pulling one of those out at an R.C. Airplane field. I over the years have had a few R.C. Planes and even the planes they are attached to two strings you fly in a circle that is what I started to fly with. I never had the guts to buy or build a plane or jet fearing when and I do mean when I crashed it that would be the end of it. There is a field in a State Park near me they fly airplanes when I hear them I try and stop just to watch these guys women and kids with mad skills. Some of the planes and jets I have seen up close can run into the thousands probably the most expensive one I seen ran about 7K to build. Maybe someday for me but I don't want people to see me cry when I crash it.

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    nothing you couldn't do with any old RC plane, a small lightweight camera, and a block of c4 ;)
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    Jun 20, 2011
    Ex Special Forces customer of mine told me about these things he said they were BADASS!!
  5. Everyone should see an old Robin Williams movie called "Toys". I'm convinced that's the origin of the technology we're talking about, though it was actually an anti-war movie. Very funny, great performances by Robin Wright, L.L. Cool-J, Joan Cusack, and others.
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    Well, the point of my post wasn't very subtle, but everyone that replied missed it.

    Are you comfortable with this regime having these tools and against whom will they use them?
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    I got it, just nothing to say about it. this tech has been around for 15-20 yrs now, just gets upgraded as do all weapons.

    besides not a durn thing I can do about them having it. all I can do is Pray I am never on the recieving end of it.:eek:
  8. geds

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    Mar 27, 2011
    How impractical would it be to fly drones over the U.S. to spy on US citizens?! Law Enforcement already has similar devices that they can use anytime they want.

    Somebody sounds a bit paranoid......:rolleyes:
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    Jan 11, 2010
    tin can emp is the answer to these toys .. let's just hope they only get used against bad guys not citizens
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    I don't trust the politicals no more than anybody else. I do think the repercussions against any administration that used such weapons on their own civilians would end their rule. How many times throughout our history have illegal government actions occurred and blew up in the govt's face? Look at fast & furious for starters.
  11. goofy

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    Feb 7, 2011
    You can only worry about so much:( I am more worred about nukes then a single attack drone.
  12. geds

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Local law enforcement already has and uses them much like our military does to provide intel and protect officers when faced with an armed standoff situation. They also use them in search and rescue operations.
  13. 45nut

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    It ain't paranoid if they are in fact after you. But go ahead whistling through the graveyard. :eek:

    If Obozo declares mar.tial law and there is resi.stan.ce, do you think those in said resi.sta.nce will be on the receiving end of this technology? Well, I do. Paranoid, no .......alert, yes.

    Everyone except maybe Zhruh should be living in condition orange as opposed to condition yellow. look here for the explanation.
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    i hate this 24/7 red ...

    well actually thats not totally true ;)

    it was fun getting here ...
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    24/7 orange here :eek: