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  1. Thought I would see if anybody could help me out with this one. Again it is one of the guns I got when a got my fathers collection. I think it is a 12 guage (could be ten guage!?) the only number I could get from it is #3025, there is no other markings or make other than the words rolled steel stamped in the barrel near the end the shell goes in. What I thought was different was the cocking mechanisim (see pics):confused: (The cocking mech is on the side of the gun!) I put a pic in of the but to indicate that there is a screw in there that I believe is to remove the trigger assem.

    ANYBODY!!?? (Still waiting to see if anybody has any info on my IverJohnson 7 shot pistol)
    Thanks for any info, think this is a great forum:):)

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  2. Alpo

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    Yeah, that screw is how you take the buttstock off the action.

  3. Thought I would bring this one up again to see if anybody has seen this kind of hammer mechanism on a shot gun!?
    (Lots of new people on now)

    (I got the info I was looking for on my pistol, Thanks Mr. Goforth.)

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  4. not sure of manufacture,but barrel appears it might be a damascus (not sure i spelled that right)twist barrel.i do not suggest you try to fire it with out a good gunsmith checking things out. old semperfi
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    Determining 10 gauge or 12 gauge is easy. Grab a dime (Canada or US). A dime is a tight fit in a 12 gauge bore (.01" clearance). It will drop through quite easily in a 10 gauge.
  6. Thanks Oneida Steve, tried what you said, I have in my collection from Dad a LAKEFIELD MOSSBERG 400G pump 12 gauge with a 3" full choke. A dime will not fit into it, but when tried on the barrel in pics it will drop in with room to spare.

    old semperfi, I don't think I'm going to try to fire this thing with any ammo, (I don't trust it - yet!) Was mainly looking for some kind of info on it.

    Thanks for any info that has come my way (& hopefully comming my way)

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    Rolled steel was one term used for solid steel (i.e., not Damascus), but I definitely would put that gun on the "no fire list." Check the bottom of the barrel and the water table (flat place under the rear of the barrel) for proof marks. E L G in an oval would indicate a Belgian gun; no proof marks would indicate one made in the U.S.

    Value is as a curio or decorator, likely under $50.

  8. Old shot gun

    Couldn't seem to add a pic to the post reply spot, replying to Jim K, checked again & all I could find is the numbers 3025 (I think it is in the spot you were talking about)
    (See pic)

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