Model of 1842 Springfield musket

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    In about 1949 I bought a Springfield musket at an NJ dealership, it was in bad condition but I had the $16. A neighbor was a collector with the equipment to clean it up. I haven't fired it since the late fifties, but it is in firing condition (I confess not to have fired a ball, but I've fired grape).

    The markings show "Springfield Armory, 1849" (I am writing from the top of my head as I've just joined this Forum for another reason - so if there are more markings I'll look for them). The construction shows it to be a model of 1842.

    The externals of the barrel are lightly pitted, but the barrel is sound. The inside of the lock is pristine (and the spring nicely blued). The outside of the lock is pitted in the same way as the barrel. This is a gun that was used in its time, it has seen the weather. I have no way of knowing if it was used in the Civil War - tens of thousands of model of 1842 muskets were issued to the troops.

    The stock is in poor shape, it has the initials T.O.M. carved into the butt and the forestock has some "split away". This model has a plain butt plate (I understand some had the "pocketed" butt plate for equipment. The original barrel "fixation pins" (don't know the real term) have been replaced by what appears to be flattened nails. The screws that fix the lock to the opposing plate seem to be overlength (that may be a replacement, or it may be a shrinkage of the wood of the stock). The ramrod is severly pitted, but quite usable.

    I believe, as a woodworker, that the damage to the gun was probably in its prime time. I think this gun saw some considerable use. It is now in parts in my apartment (the lock in my workshop and the rest in a closet). I can put it back together and offer more details on the fitting of the parts and my estimate of the originality. It is far from pristine, but it is sound and fireable.

    Best, Jon
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    I'd suggest that you reassemble the firearm, and take some sharp & clear photos.....full length right and left profile, closeups of the lockwork, and closeups of all the writing on it (including any inspector's initials, acceptance marks, and armory proofs) and post it here along with any questions you might have.

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    Feb 27, 2007
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    Howdy all,

    Sorry not to have acknowledged the answer (on this post, and mine on the Stoeger Luger). I've been a bit distracted by a medical problem (I'm no longer a biped, had a leg removed). Will follow up on this when I'm more mobile.

    Best, Jon
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    You have our deepest sympathy and our most heartfelt wishes for your speedy recovery. Keep up the good fight!
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