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    Jul 8, 2012
    I purchased a M995 sako 300 warbird sometime ago. The factory ammo comes lubri-plated, so when i custom ordered some ammo i had them put moly on 180 accubonds. They shot the bullets real well but with a 1-12 twist I ventured into the 165 accubonds without moly. Now i have bullets flying about as accurate as possible and I'm afraid to switch back to the molyed
    180's. I actually feel that using the moly with the few shots that i did may have helped season my barrel but I'm not over experienced with switching back and forth from one to the other. Does anybody have any insight on whether or not using a couple of the 180's with the moly will have any effect on the accuracy I'm now getting from the 165"s. Barrel life is short on the warbird and I would rather advertise or give away my 180's if there would be a negative result. Also, if anyone has any of there own opinions and experiences with moly I would love to here them. Thanks for your time.
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