Monarch x39 ammo-corrosive?

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by Laufer, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Laufer

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    Jul 27, 2008
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    Have never read about this ammo anywhere, and have used Wolf, which is not corrosive.

    Never used Yugo x 39 ammo from Samco because its labels say nothing about whether it is or is not corrosive.
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  2. Laufer, I know what you are going through ... same problem with some of the British 303 I have. Anyway, the powder is not corrosive, it is the primer that can be the problem. In my case I assume the worst and simple clean the gun ASAP after shooting. If you want to be overly cautious, run some hot water through the barrel first - then clean as usual. Corrosive primers are really no big deal if you use these precautions. Shoot'um up.

  3. LDBennett

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    It really is no big deal to shoot corrosive primered ammo through a gun IF you get the corrosive salts out of the barrel as quickly as you can.

    That means running water through the barrel at the range when you finish shooting and cleaning the gun in a regular fashion at home as soon as possible. You can wait longer after the range flush to clean it thoroughly if you run a good bore cleaner down the bore on a patch so that the now bare metal is protected from normal rusting. It is best to the flush while the barrel is still warm as that will help to dry out the barrel quickly.

    I too avoided corrosive primed ammo until I saw how successful my son-in-law was with this flushing at the range technique. He has a large collection of military weapons and shoots corrosive primmed ammo through them all the time.

  4. The best way to break down corrosive mercury primer salts is to use boiling water. Failing that the hotter you can get the water the better. G.I. bore cleaner specifically for cleaning corrosive primed ammunition used to be available in surplus stores but its been so long since the US made corrosive primed ammunition I doubt you will find any.

    Don't be fooled by adds or notices that say; "Slightly Corrosive". Slightly corrosive is the same as being slightly pregnant. Get it?
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  5. LDBennett

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    The latest bottles of Hoppe's No. 9 indicate on the bottle that it will clean bores of guns that used ammo with Corrosive primers (???). I don't know about older version of the same product but if it doesn't say it on the bottle, beware.

    The concept of using water is that the residue is a salt that dissolves in water. Hot water makes the dissolving more assured. But lacking that any temperature water followed by the "new" Hoppe's No. 9 is probably adequate.

    There are a whole new class of water based bore cleaners on the market but none that I have found specifically say that they are for bores of guns that used ammo with Corrosive primers, but I would bet they are (???). Anyone found one of these water based bore cleaners that specifically says it is for use with corrosive primmers?

  6. barnetmill

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    May 2, 2005
    Mercury fulminate is not used in any military small arms ammunition. Corrosive ammunition residue contains potassium chloride and related compounds that will quickly rust bare steel. They are highly soluble in water.
    If mercury was present there would also be significant health problems. Mercury fulminate was commonly used with blackpowder loads, but when smokless powder came in the military switched to potassium chlorate mixtures for their small arms primers. The chance of finding mercuric salts is not even one in million after firing 7.62x39 ammo.
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