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  1. Catfish and another old vet were drinking in a bar.

    One says: "Did you know that

    Moose have sex 8 to 10 times a night?"

    "Aw, Crap" says Catfish,

    "and I just joined the American Legion."

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    Another good one!

  3. Beats me..... how many a times a night do they have sex ???? :p
  4. It depends on how many oysters have been consumed...

    Here is a good story for you...

    My grandfather had five brothers; all were charter members of the local Elks lodge and small businessmen. The youngest brother was the most well off and considered himself quite worldly. They were all on a vacation cruise together with their wives in the late 70's, having a few cocktails before dinner with other passengers when said youngest brother was asked if he was a swinger. Sure, he told them, while he was thinking how much he liked to dance to Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, and was then invited, along with his wife, to a party in one of the cabins later that night. The next morning he was very quiet when his brothers asked how the party was, and just said that they left earl. His wife, however, was very happy to tell over and over again how he turned white and quickly ran when he figured out what the party was really all about…
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