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    To prepare the perfect moose steak for the grill, the key is the marinade, and the key to a good marinade is "layering". In a pan large enough to completely immerse your steak sprinkle some pepper, cayan, and Tony Chachere's creaole seasoning. Now lay the steak on this layer of dry spice and pour on your choice of cheap whiskey, wine, beer or all three to cover the steak. Now you'll need a timer and the best method I know of is to drink two beers, now go back to your steak and add another layer of spice, your choice this time (garlic, onion, etc.). Go drink a few more beers. Take the steak out of te liquid and put your hand to any spice you can find to make up a rub. Rub this into the steak all over and let it set. Drink at least four beers to let the rub set for a minute or two and start up the BBQ. Get the grill good and hot, so drink a few more beers while the thing heats up. Once you got enough heat going throw on the meat, take a sip of beer, flip the steak, take another sip and remove the steak from the heat. If a good vet can't bring it back to life, it's overcooked. Enjoy with a baked potato, and a beer.
  2. I don't know, but I'd probably drink all that cheap booze and go with moose burger. Only had it once (circa 1965 ?), but it was absolutley the best. Like to try a steak, though. If I lived in Alaska, I could probably count on killing one with my truck, but it would probably kill me too.

  3. bunnyhunter12

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    You need a bigger truck Lobber :)
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    May 5, 2003
    I have an objection to "cheap whiskey, wine, beer" for cooking.

    If you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it. If cheap whiskey is what you like to drink, then go ahead and knock yourself out. Otherwise, cook with what you'd drink. You *can* taste the difference.
  5. Need that just to get the ($%* out of California. North, to Alaska, just find John Wayne a home ..... or how does that song go?
  6. Finally got the right button for big trucks on Alaska - a few previous posts were lost to the Northern Lights
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