More 50 DTC (CA legal 50 BMG)

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    LD: I am sorry, the rings I have are 30mm. Also I have a theory that it is not the recoil so much as the muzzle break that gets the scope on the 50 BMG. Somewhat like an air rifle does to a scope if you are familar?

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    Thanks for the offer but 35mm rings are like "hen's teeth" for rarity.

    On your concern of how well the fire forming of the cases went:

    I was amazed, to tell the truth. The shoulder sharpened up but unless you lay pre and post fire formed cases side by side it is hard to tell the cases were fire formed after their trip though the sizing die. The amazing thing to me is that fired cases don't even look like they were ever in a gun. There are NO burnish marks on the outside of the body, no powder residue on the outside of the case, and they could be handled straight out of the gun (not very hot to the touch). There is of course powder residue inside the case.

    The load is a reduced one for fire forming but both my son-in-law and I decided that max velocity is not in the cards for us in this gun. This load is probably the one we will stick with at about 10% below max. It already pushes you back about a foot and goes though the wall of a truck brake drum at 200+ yds. I think it will reach out to 1000 yds no problem. It appears that it might also shoot "minute of brake drum" at 1000 yds as well.

    After we fire form all our brass, fix the scope that the gun broke, increase the hammer blow to the primers, re-zero the repaired or replaced scope, we'll start going for distance. The place my son-in-law found in the desert for shooting is excellent for that exercise.

    So far, regardless that our investment is more than planned, we are not sorry we did this 50 cal thing. The BOHICA conversion is well made. The RCBS press I bought to reload 50 cal is excellent. The reloading process is not too fiddly, and the gun is fun to shoot. WE WON!


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    Oct 7, 2011
    I have a 50 DTC I bought from State Arms and have form fired 50 BGM into 50 DTC. I followed the same procedure as you did. Trim to 3.800. In my reloading I now have a rule, never use a powder that can hold two charges in the case I am loading. With my Dillon 550B pistols powder can only fill 1/4 the volumne of the case making it easy to double charge. I am left handed and dislexy, need to check myself always. My powder from GI brass was 220 gr. filled it up to 3/4+ full. I believe to much powder will blow up the gun, I charge light then move up, now at 235 gr, using the 647gr ball, speed 2,850' sec +/-20, need better. I worry about the wrong powder or a double charge mostly. The wrong powder, double charge or a barrel obstruction is what I have watched for mostly with safety. When seating use little to no crimp. Compition shooters will often use no crimp. Crimp is the most criticial for presion. If the brass is to long when fired the brass could crimp the bullet at the crown (Bullet/brass junction) when fired causing over pressure not releasing the bullet causing over pressure and explosion at the worst. I started with .223 then 30.06 and then 50 DTC in rifles. They are all the same to load. A 50 BMG is an enlarged 30/06. Same share ratio of measurments. Another thing is to make sure the bullet leaves the barrel. If a bullet or other obsticial is left in the barrel the next round will be explosive. I am new at this but now feel good about it. My 50 DTC is hands down precision over any of my other guns. Just amazing. I have annealed once fired brass and it has been working. I went to youtube and watched a number of videos. I put the annealed brass in my ultrasonic tumbler to clean. The Walnut vibrator tumbler did not do it. The ultrasonic worked great. Looks like it never was heated. Check out Jeff at GI Brass, sells 4 - 8#'s pound jugs and is very honest. I've bought a lot from him. I have a 338 Edge being build to fill the gap between my 06 and 50 DTC. Good luck and keep your powder dry.
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    I, of course, load the 50DTC on a RCBS single stage BIG press using C&H dies. When it comes to the powder I scoop powder onto the Dillon digital scale pan and add the last little grain to get it to within a few tenths of a grain. We're still fire forming brass so we are at 220 grs of Hodgdon H50BMG for a 650 gr bullet. We, too, are seeing unbelievable accuracy even with these fire forming loads. We keep trying to reach out to farther and farther distances. We need a range finder to figure out exactly how far out they are (got an old Swiss optical on order but have not heard back yet if they have them in stock). All my brass was either new or once fired LC brass so I did not anneal it, just sized it up. I did not loose one case or have had no brass issues.

    I too buy powder by the 8# jug but I buy all my powder that way as I reload for over 30 different cartridges. My source is wholesale for all the various powders.

    For bullets take a look at this deal ($0.45 each!):|281|303

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