More Background on the "Evil" George Zimmerman

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    I would buy the self defence claim if Zimmerman had not continued to follow after being told not to.......................I think he pushed his luck and if he is prosecuted it will be his own fault..........I am not a bleeding heart anti gun loonie......I just believe in good common sense and this is a case where good judgement and common sense were not observed......If Zimmerman had of held back and observed until the police arrived, none of this would have happened...............I could care less about either of these two people's back ground....................................................................

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  3. But what about the reports that Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle when the incident happened? perhaps he was doing as he was instructed and that would seem to imply that Martin attacked Zimmerman.
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    Just my dumb opinion...................................The other guy is dead, there were no witnesses, and all we have is Zimmerman's word...................My entire thinking on this matter is: Zimmerman was told to back off and he didn't.....To me this puts him at fault for escalating the incident to the point of killing a person..............I have nothing further to say that would justify my position on this matter.......
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    What reports?? where have you been? Zimmerman admitted he left his vehicle AFTER the dispatcher told him not leaving his vehicle and continuing to follow was all AFTER being instructed not to do just that..

    so where do you get he was complying?? kinda like, you telling your child to go to bed and do not get a cookie from the kitchen . the child then makes a beeline to the kitchen, you hear a racket in the kitchen and invistegate to find your child bleeding from a scrape from slipping off the counter. when asked what he was doing, their defence is they were going to bed as instructed....without getting any cookies! what you going to believe???:eek:

    All I am saying is that there is the possibility that Zimmerman was doing what the 911 dispatcher told him to do, even though there is no legal requirement to do it. If that is what happened, it raises the possibility that Martin was the aggressor.
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    I can't believe we are still debating this stupid case because people just listen to a little bit of the facts and "think" they know whats going on. First of all, the dispatcher did not "tell Zimmerman anything...he said "we don't need you to do that. Secondly, NO ONE has to do what a dispatcher tells them too because they are not the end all know it all's to every situation........
    "Do not, while I’m on the phone, do not fire that firearm, OK?" the dispatcher said.
    So, what if another creep came into the house and this kid did not protect himself and his sister again? That kid had every right to shoot any DAMN person that came in until it was a police officer.
    Thirdly, Zimmerman had the right to watch. follow, even ask Martin "What are you doing around here?" if he wanted to........and if he did, he still didn't do anything wrong. If it is proven that Martin attacked him, then it was a clear case of self defense.....(and that is what the evidence gather on the scene and testimony by eye witnesses are pointing towards)

    Once again, he was never told anything..........if Martin attacked Zimmerman, then Martin was the aggressor and it was a justifiable shooting per FL law.

    Listen to the can hear when he gets out of the truck and everything (you can hear the keys turning and the door ding). SO, he was outside of the truck when he was told, "we don't need you to do that."
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