More solutions to Romy M1969 scope ring problems

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by z537z, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Please make note of the BSA R3-7x20 standard 22 rifle scope will fit on the Romanian 69 without any problems. One has to work the screws in a equal, read that "small turns" on the screws and do it the way you would tighten lug nuts on a flat tire replacement. It is a joy to shoot. Move the front ring completely back against elevation/windage knobs. The rear ring needs to be right at the edge of where you see the bolt. It is easily done if you take your time with it.

    There are several pics there to look at.

    Has anyone else been able to mount a standard 22 scope/rings to these guns? I didn't know that people were having trouble with this. I found this forum by just good plain luck. Have enjoyed it. Go to Wally World and get the aforementioned scope and work with it. Don't work, take it back.

  3. Regulis7

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    Feb 10, 2004
    Romanian Scopes....

    I use a BSA rimfire scope that I picked up from Wal Mart for about $12. This is the wide view model and it works great. The smaller view BSA scope also works but I prefer the wider view scope.

    Most European air rifle scope base/rings will work on the Romanian M69, the scope rail is of the standard Euro 8mm-10mm size. These can be found at most air rifle retailers, forget BB Gun stores look for the real air rifle shops or dealers.

    A friend has a Tasco 3x9 mounted on his M69 with a set of see thru air rifle rings that bolted right on his 8mm rail. I know he has fired several thousand rounds with no problems.

    Personally I enjoy my M69 as an open sight rifle. I can use the flip sights for various loads. Generally the 25m setting is right on with CCI Mini Mags at 25-50 yards, the 50m setting is right on with CB's at 25 yards and the 100m setting will put a Aguila Super Colibri in the black at 25 yards.

    As far as the scope goes, I just wanted to see if it would work and how accurate it would be.

  4. Welcome to TFF Regulis7! Thanks for the info. also.! I've had one Romanian 69, but never found rings that would work on the rail (narrow). If you fella's ever get a snapshot of your ring to rail fit. Post up a Pic...;)
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    Mar 24, 2003
    southcentral, PA
    I got standard Weaver rings on it... With the help of a file and some electrical tape for spacers :cool:
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