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  1. armedandsafe

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    They started a semi-pro football team here this year. Their first game is next weekend. A couple of fellows made the team. This is my first Grandson, Michael. Wide Receiver. Particularily interesting because he was home schooled and thus never played in high school.


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  2. armedandsafe

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    This is Grandsoninlaw, Adam, the gentle giant. Plays offensive left guard, which was my position until the other kids caught up with me in size (I went into 6th grade at, basically, the same size I am now.)


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  3. rosierita

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    Mar 13, 2004
    South Carolina
    :D congrats to them for making the team! both of my kids are homeschooled.:)
  4. Marlin

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    If I had it to do over, all five of mine would have been Home Schooled.

    We were fortunate, for the most part, to live in an excellent school system for the last two. The first three received private school educations after elementary school.
  5. SouthernMoss

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    Jan 1, 2003
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    Congrats, Pops! Do you have any buttons left on your shirt, or have you busted them all? ;)
  6. IShootBack

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    Sep 22, 2002
    Congrats on your grandsons making the team.

    We had a team in my home town. Turned out the team did not have medical coverage so whenever a player got hurt, their medical bills were their own problem. After awhile a few players got hurt bad enough to loose work and pay. The team has folded and been reserructed several times all with the same results.

    One friend of mine got hurt and lost his job because of his prolonged recovery time. He was in his mid-20's and had to move back in with his parents. It took him several years to recover from the medical bill debt.

    His health insurance from his job did not cover the injury because of a clause that excluded coverage for paid sports participation, which semi-pro ball is.

    Hope they checked this aspect out and know the risks of injury.

    Good luck to them.

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  7. armedandsafe

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    Adam's employer is one of the sponsore, so he is not too worried. He was assured he was covered. Michael has coverage through his wife. In either case, as the team is listed as an employer with Labor & Industries, there is the state coverage, also.

    The team they are playing next week for their opener is noted for their rough play. The local joke is, "When the parole officer turns his back, DUCK." :D

    Not many buttons left, between Sean in the Rangers and those two.

  8. glocknut

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  9. BlueTic

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    Apr 8, 2003
    Thats down right cool!!! Can they get you seats on the fifty??
  10. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    I'm afraid to ask for fifty-yard line seats. They might use me for the line. :D

    Average weight of Dolphins offensive line = 270lbs per player.
    Average weight of Bulls offensive line = 320lbs per player. :D

    The Transportation manager I work for is 6'8" and 350 lbs. Adam makes him look normal. Adam was complaining about a foul called during scrimage, "I did NOT pick him up. He climbed me." Michael said, "You know, I didn't realize I could run so fast, until I took a look at those guys coming at me."

  11. Grunt

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    Nov 25, 2001
    Congrats pops!!!

    Who knows, I just may make it over to see one of the games.
  12. armedandsafe

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