Mosin Nagant M44

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I could use your help in estimating the value of a 1945 M44. I know these are frequently sold in the $100-150 range as Russian post-war refurbs and were available a couple of years ago at a number of big box retail outlets. The difference with this particular rifle is all numbers are matching and stamped, including the butt plate, no electro-penciled numbers. Refurbs typically do not match. The bore is mirror bright, muzzle showing no obvious wear. The stock shows a number of clear cartauches, and it is clean. The serial numbers appear to be silvery at the bottom, suggesting the gun has not been re-blued, but I cannot say for sure. These features are said to suggest the rifle is not a refurb, and it may be what MN fans term a non-rebuild. If so, it is unusual. Even if it was rebuilt, it is clear the rebuild was much less severe than most, and that the rifle saw little use. It does have USA import markings.

    So how would one come up with a value considering its uniqueness?
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  2. gdmoody

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    Hi Bob, welcome to the Forum. In my opinion and It is just MY opinion, that it would not be really worth much more than the amount you stated.

    Having said that now I will tell you what the 30th Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values says. If your rifle is a 100% gun (which there are not many of those) and is not one of the recent imports, then it would be worth about $250 and if it is a 98% gun then it drops to $225, 95% would be $185 and drops about 20 bucks for every 10% that it drops.

    If it is one of the recent imports it is only worth about $125 for 100%, and goes down from there, and I do not know how to tell you what the difference is and how you could find out if it was an original mfg. or recent import.
  3. pawn

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    Jan 31, 2007
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    Does it have any of the aresenal refurb stamps? Pretty rare to find a Mosin that wan't fiddled with in some way prior to being exported IMHO.
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