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  1. Bioman

    Bioman New Member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Purchased my first recently. Appeared to be unfired. I am at work and can’t recall where it was made or model, but I think it said Connecticut on it (as in USA), does that make any sense? Took out to range, started at 100 yards and could not place a single shot on target. Had someone spot and they noticed it was shooting around 2 foot high and around 8” to the left with the elevation at its lowest setting. This was on a calm day. Front site pin looks to be a bit bent. Tried it at 50 yards just to be sure it was not operator error and I had to aim around a foot and a half low to hit the target. Are there any adjustments I can do or is this one just a dog?
  2. pinecone70

    pinecone70 Active Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    Minnesota Gal!
    My M-44 is like that, I had to put a low-relief scope on it. It's a really great gun now that it's sighted in, and it was dirt cheap. I also have a 91/30, but it's much more accurate and has no front sight problem like the other one.

  3. Maineman

    Maineman New Member

    Bioman don't give up on your MN both remington and westinghouse made them in the USA for the czar before he was overthrown. also they were sighted in for 300 meters. check out this site www, you could have a real collectable rifle there. good luck maineman
  4. momo

    momo Former Guest

    Sep 18, 2007
    Sound like you have a MN 91 that was made by Remington or Westinghouse. If it was sighted in for 300 meters, as Maineman said, that would probably explain the height discrepency. You might not want to do anything to it because these are highly collectable rifles, especially if it was unfired when you got it. How do the bore and stock look? Could you post some pictures?
  5. Bioman

    Bioman New Member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Bore is clean and sharp. I'll try and post pcitures tonight. Thanks for all of the insights.
  6. Popgunner

    Popgunner Active Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    Remember that if it has a bayonet like the M-44 that originally sighting in was done with the bayonet extended. This affects point of impact.
  7. petesusn

    petesusn Member

    My M-44 shoots much more accurately with the bayonet extended. I think that it may have been produced with this in mind.

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  8. TRAP55

    TRAP55 Active Member

    Probably the importers stamp.
    Windage is adjusted drifting the front sight.
    To lower the point of impact, you have to raise the front sight. Auto parts store, get some automotive wiring heat shrink tubing, (your choice of colors). Slip a piece over the pin post, apply enough heat to make it hang on and trim to length. If you cut too much off, it's cheap.:)
    Post some pics of the markings!
  9. budman46

    budman46 New Member

    Nov 3, 2008
    i like trap55's solution...i belong to these forums because you guys are a wealth of info.

    my 44's shoot 5-6"patterns at 50 yds with the bayonet folded, but 1 1/2" groups with it deployed or removed and the point of impact shifted to the right quite a bit as i recall.


  10. zkovach

    zkovach Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    The Connecticut print is the importers "electropencil" stamp.
  11. phx gun owner

    phx gun owner New Member

    May 31, 2009
    Phoenix , Arizona
    I bought my M-44 dated 1945 . Was never fired before i got it . All i did was clean it once and shot it . It works flawless every shot . Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you dont .

    The good thing about those old russian rifles is you can do some work to them and make them work great if you need to . Plus they are so cheap . Cant beat the price .
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