Mossberg .22s Anyone?

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  2. Back in October 2005, 4 years ago, if you look at post #8 in this thread, I said there were only 3 known Variations of O.F.Mossberg & Sons' "Founding Father," the venerable Brownie 4-shooter. That is no longer true.

    A few months ago through my researching these little guys, I discovered there is a heretofore unrecognized FOURTH Variation. Its differences are so subtle it probably was simply overlooked. After some discussion with the Havlins and other knowledgable Mossie aficionados, it was named the Variation 2.5 because its barely discernible differences had obviously come about between the wrongly dated Variation #2 and the later, more familiar Variation #3 with the correct patent date which continued until the end of production.

    Here's how to spot this elusive critter.


    The patent date on the right side of the barrel cluster shows the correct July 27, 1920 date, BUT, there is NO serial number visible externally, AND, the right side plate has NO alignment pin at top center.

    To check the serial number one must remove the right grip to find the FULL serial number stamped into the side of the grip frame at the very bottom. Then one must open the gun and check on the right side of the barrel cluster down near the hinge, AND, under the "ears" on the front of the barrel latch lever. Both may only be the last few digits of the full number.

    Unlike the later Variation #3, this #2.5 also has the full number stamped on the back of both metal side plates and sometimes pencilled on the back of both ridged walnut grips.

    So, next time you see a Brownie you might want to check it closely as there are now TWO very scarce - dare I say RARE - Variations of the little fellow. You might be lucky enought to find one of them. ;)

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    Mossberg 46 bolt??

    Howdy all,

    Been a while since I've been on the board. But now I'm back in the saddle again. Just picked up a Mossberg 46 that needs a little bit of work. This old jewel has a nearly flawless full beavertail stock, the full bull barrel, and the original swing away peep sight (although I need a couple of parts for it). Also some lunkhead cut off the bottom of the take down stud. Evidently they didn't know that you have to remove the feed tube before you remove the barrel. But a friend of mine is machining a part to pin the barrel.

    However, the main thing I need to find is a complete bolt. This 46 is missing the front half of the bolt. I paid nearly nothing for this old beauty, and want to restore it to its original glory.

    So, if anybody has a bolt they would like to part with, or know of one for sale, please let me know. It would mean more to me than you know.
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    My Mossberg42m-c sporterized with Nikon Rimfire classic 4x32 scope.

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    Just ran into a nice 144 LSB $170.. Still looking for a model 43 left hand. Any one runs into one, please e-mail me.
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    ok im new to the forum and i saw this thread. I have a mossberg 46m b. I bought it at an auction it used to be my great grandpas. however when i got it i noticed that it doesnt want to feed. I took the barrel and trigger assembly off of the stock and noticed that the hook like elevator was not always lifting the bullet into the chamber. Any ideas on how to fix that? i would really like to shoot it more. BTW where do you guys get your replacement parts for these mossbergs?
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    BTW its a tube fed rifle. And you guys have some beautiful guns.
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    my mossberg 640KD is the most accurate .22 i own.shoots sub 1" groups at 50 yds all day,no matter what ammo i put in it.Would like to find another mossberg thats in 22LR rather than 22WMR.
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    Not sure on the fix, but replacement parts are from Havlin Sales & Service.
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    Jan 3, 2010
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    I have a model 640K. My Dad bought it for my 13th birthday. It was supposed to be my deer hunting rifle for my first hunt. WDNR ruled out rimfires for deer hunting that Fall. I used a Winchester 1863 38-40 for my first hunt.
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    >>Just ran into a nice 144 LSB $170<<

    I hope you bought it!! :D
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    I have a 142a with a M4D scope. I know this is a rookie question, but, anyone know which knob on the scope is the elevation, and which is the windage?
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    I just sent you a PM and an Email. I am also in need of a #3 Peep sight for a model 30!!
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    Mossy 22's extremely reliable and accurate:)
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