Mossberg 500 Problem.

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  1. Greetings good shooting folks... its been a busy summer. :( and nothing fun happend.

    Anyways, Today I went out and bought a Mossberg 500, 12 Gauge Pump action Shotgun.

    This one has a Pistol grip and a colapseble stock, and can hold 6 rounds.

    I will try to get a Pic up soon.

    Anyways My problem is the shuck stop is in such a place that I have to push upward with my thumb, on my shooting hand to push the safety and shuck it.

    I almost cannot shuck it and none of my family or friends can shuck it unless they swich to their left hand and even then its still hard to push.

    This thing has pissed me off and I am now looking for a way to disable that stupid safty or I am going to simply sell it at the next gun show and get my money back... this is really pissing me off. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    If I were to ever need it, all I would be able to do is get 1 shot off every other minute cause I spend all my time screwing around with this darn safty!

    Sorry for the rant and I will try to get a picture up with what I mean soon.
  2. techoca

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Are you refering to the top mounted safety? If yes, then they are normally stiff when new. I unload the gun and work the safety 30-50 times and it smoothes right out.

    If you are refering to the action lock lever, then you only need to rack the gun after firing. You do not have to push the action lock button to rack the gun after firing.


  3. This is what I am refering to:[​IMG]

    Full one of the gun:
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  4. Sorry for the repeated posts:

    to give a bit of background on myself,

    I have 2 family members who own standard 500 and I have fired them without issue...

    My friend has this gun and i have fired it without issue and his dose not have this problem.

    so.. thats why I am getting frustrated here.:mad::mad:

    thank you for your time.
  5. techoca

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Thanks, I wasn't sure what you were describing.
    I would call Mossberg; they will make it right for you.

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