Most OVERRATED Class of naval Vessel in WWII...

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Most OVERRATED class of warship in WWII....

  1. US "PT" Boats....

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  2. "Other..." (please explain!)

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  1. Not quite, Nick, but close. It is true the pocket battleships, except for Graph Spee, never did engage in a stand up fight against British battleships or cruisers, and both remaining ships of the class (Lutzow and Admiral Sheer) were sunk by aerial bombs before the war ended. However, at the Battle of the River Plate, the Graf Spee was moderately damaged by three British cruisers, HMS Exeter, HMS Ajax and HMS Achilles (while taking serious damage themselves) and put into port at Montevideo, Uruguay to make emergency repairs. Under the 72-hour rule for neutrals (Uruguay was officially neutral at that time), the ship was required to leave after being made seaworthy. The British tried to force her out of port through the use of a misinformation campaign intended to make the captain of the Graf Spee (Hans Langsdorff) believe additional British warships had arrived and were outside the harbor. Actually, there were no additional ships, only the three original cruisers, one of them severely damaged. Langsdorff off loaded most of his crew, then sailed his vessel part way out of the harbor, then scuttled her. Langsdorff himself then committed suicide like any good failed Nazi. :D The irony is that Graf Spee stood a good chance of getting away clean if Langsdorff possessed the courage to try. It was Langsdorff, not Hitler, who ordered the scuttling. Hitler ordered him to fight.
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