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Mpeg files

Discussion in 'Informational & Technical Archives' started by ruffitt, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. ruffitt

    ruffitt *TFF Admin Staff* In Heaven Now

    Jan 28, 2003
    Sparta, MI / Now In Heaven Also
    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 423
    (9/21/01 4:45:58 pm)
    | Edit | Del All Mpeg files
    Is there a way to ad a mpeg file to a post?

    Guns don't cause crime anymore than flies caues garbage.

    Posts: 777
    (9/22/01 10:52:40 am)
    | Edit | Del Re: Mpeg files
    not that i know of ,i have tried ,they are extremely long down load then everyone has to have a mpg player to view it ,the only way to put it up is to post a link

    everytime i try to add one it dont show

    if anyone knows how to do it let me know ,i have a load of them

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