My Letter To A Serviceman Overseas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by roboman, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. roboman

    roboman New Member

    May 13, 2004
    Please read and comment. This gentlemen lives in the town I inhabit and is currently serving in Iraq.

    "Dear Mr. xxxxx

    Greetings from Islesboro, Maine! Odds are we don't know each other too well but I felt compelled to write you a letter. xxxx xxxx is my mother and while I honestly don't know you all that well but I want to thank you for serving your country. I genuinely believe there is no profession more honorable than that of a soldier. The United States was built on the foundation of countless sacrifices from soldiers such as yourself. At times the public forgets about all that members of the armed forces give up in order to defend our nation abroad. I can safely swear that as long as I am on this Earth living in this nation that I am forever indebted to all soldiers past and present. It is through the hard work of you and so many others that I am able to enjoy our great nation. I once again thank you for your service and would humbly like to offer mine in return. If there is anything you or anyone in your unit needs at all, please let me know so I can send it to you. It is the least I can do to help you out in whatever way I can. Stay safe and God Bless.

    Rory Benjamin Diffin"
  2. SouthernMoss

    SouthernMoss *Admin Tech Staff*

    Jan 1, 2003
    SW MS
    Nice letter, Robo. I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

  3. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    Nice thing to do, Robo.
  4. Eagle Guns

    Eagle Guns New Member

    May 1, 2004
    So.Western Maine
    Rory,this shows that you are growing up to be a good person.
    Thank You
  5. ruger270man

    ruger270man New Member

    May 16, 2004
    Erie, PA
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  6. Night Stalker

    Night Stalker New Member

    Well done Rory, well done.
  7. roboman

    roboman New Member

    May 13, 2004
    Can anyone think of anything I should send along with this letter that would be helpful to this gentleman or anyone in his unit?
  8. JamesRK

    JamesRK New Member

    Unscented baby wipes, handy wipes, work gloves, socks, cookies.
  9. Mabooger

    Mabooger New Member

    Apr 26, 2004
    N.W. Pa.
    Nice letter & nice idea Robo.

    I know awhile back people were sending phone cards (I think you have to make sure they're international ones). I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated so they can call home.

    If you want to do a box, here's some ideas our school kids used when we sent ours (one of the teachers called the National Guard office. I'm sure they'd give you other ideas as well)
    Batteries, magazines, books, baby wipes, playing cards, chapsticks, puzzle books, snack type foods, Slim Jims, hard candy, etc
  10. ruger270man

    ruger270man New Member

    May 16, 2004
    Erie, PA
    send some home-made jerky, preferably venison
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