My Old Mauser - Part 1

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    I own an old 1916 Spanish Mauser in the original 7 X 57 caliber that I ordered when I was young right out of the Montgomery Wards catalog for less than $20. When we picked it up it was wrapped in old brown wax paper and had generous coat of cosmoline. After a thorough cleaning I was surprised to find a rifle in like new condition and it appeared to have been used very little. The numbers on it all match and the bore is mirror bright. The stock is a beautiful Turkish walnut with very few imperfections. It’s a good shooter too, even with just the plain old open iron sights.

    Through the years I picked up a bayonet, frog and a leather sling for it to dress it up a little. I also found about 500 rounds of mil. surplus 7 X 57 on 5-round stripper clips that was manufactured in Belgium during the ‘70’s. The bandolier to carry the ammo in is Austrian I believe.

    It’s a typical “unmarked” Spanish Mauser serial number RM000XX. Other than the serial number in several places there aren’t any other markings on the gun. The “RM” serial number doesn’t fit any of the known manufacturing numbers, so if anyone has an idea about it I’d like to hear from you. Some say the R and the M are just Roman numerals and others say it may stand for Republic de Mexico.

    Here’s some pictures of my old jewel::)

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    England, thats the USN aircraft carrier near europ
    Beautiful condition.
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