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  1. folks i ask for very little for myself,i am comfortable with my beleifs in our maker and hope when the time comes i am judged to be a good man.what i ask for now is not for me but for my only true love.her name is becky and she has fought cancer and won twice now.the cancers she had were two different kinds at two different places.imagine my happiness when she was declaired cancer free.well its been a year or so and she is down to about 69 pounds,it seems in beating the cancer the treatment is killing her.she must swallow her food three or four times before getting it down.the doctors say that because of scar tissue nothing can be done.the scar tissue makes it almost impossible to swallow and very difficult to not ready to lose her yet and i beg for your prayers,try thinking of losing the one you love an ounce at a time and nothing you can do about it.well im done now so please keep her in your prayers.if ever there was a good person and did not deserve to die it her.thank you and god bless. old semperfi-michael
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    Sending prays from up here for her....

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    Prayers sent.
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    Heavenly Father, we come before you this morning upholding Becky.
    You have intervened twice with healing the cancers that she has had, Father, and we thank you for that.
    But now, Lord, there is a complication that these cancers caused while she had them, and this complication is threatening her life.
    The Doctors say there is nothing they can do, but Lord we know that You overrule all doctors, for you are the Great Physician.
    We ask that you would place your hand on this woman and bring a complete healing to her from this. We ask that you would soften and stretch this scar tissue that is causing her to have so much trouble eating, and causing such a drastic weight loss.
    We ask that you would allow her to take in the right amount of nutrition, and that her weight loss would reverse to restore her to a healthier condition.
    And we ask that you would be with Michael at this time also, Father, to strengthen him as he suffers through this. Give him assurance, Lord, that you are in charge of this, as well as all things.
    Be with all of Becky's family and friends, Father, letting each one know that you are there with them during this - and all - of liefs trials.

    And we ask all of this in the holy name of Jesus, the Christ - the Rose of Sharon -

    Amen -
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    Prayers sent from here as well.
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    please update us as you can michael.
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    Prayers for her and you.
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    I saw the same in my mother and i understand. My prayers go out and i will keep you both in my thoughts . I too am married to the one and only and thank the lord every day for her. god bless you both brother and keep your faith strong.
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    As Terry prayed. Amen.
    Grieved to hear about that. Will continue praying. Please keep us updated.
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    My prayers will be with the both of you
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    Prayers sent from here Micheal.
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    Prayers from Ohio, stay strong.
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    Semperfi, is there any way she can be fed through a tube? I know it may feel degrading, but it helped mom for a while, and also for dad.