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    May 3, 2012
    Moore, Idaho
    I do have 2 fire extinguishers - one in my computer lab and one in the kitchen. They are always fully charged and ready to go if needed. They won't work if they don't have CO2 or Foam respectively.

    I also have 2 smoke alarms/fire detectors in our very small home. They do have new batteries every year. They don't work without batteries.

    Computers I have, several, they need electricity - they don't work without electricity.

    My Citadel M1911 I have, yes, it has a full clip and one in the chamber - it doesn't work without bullets.

    My Marlin 30-30, yes, it does have 6 rounds in the tube and one in the chamber - it also will not work without bullets.
    Our goats - they are safer now. Wolves trying to kill them will get shot.

    Granted, we don't live in the 'big city' - Our entire county has about 2000 people and our entire state which is just a tiny bit smaller than the country of Finland only has around 3 million people - Finland has 5 million - New York City alone has what now? 8 million, 10 million people?

    There is no crime in our county - other than the occasional speeding ticket and a domestic violence call every couple months because husband and wife are simply having an argument.

    This is the 'old west' - firearms are simply tools.
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    you must not do much work with only 2 tools:D

    This is the 'old west' - firearms are simply tools.

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    Nov 22, 2011
    my wife fears that my gun collection may grow to match my tool collection. I doubt that will ever happen. I have like 27 different air tools, say nothing about the other stuff. I tell her that my tools put food on the table and the guns do the same. yeah that's it. I am intensely focused on providing for my family.
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    Oct 16, 2011
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    That's what I tell people around here. I grew up in the country. Most around here don't understand guns are just tools. They may keep you alive or put food on the table.
  5. My nephew asked me why I have so many hammers when a hammer is just a hammer? He was 15 then, Today he lives with me and I am turning him into a Mr Wrench and he now knows the difference between a sledge hammer, dead blow, straight claw, curved claw, ballpeen tack, machinists, rock and chipping hammer and is finally beginning to get the hang of driving in nails into hardwood straight and true.

    He also knows to never never never say clip when he means magazine. :D

    Can't use a tool correctly if you don't even know what to call it.
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    Dec 17, 2011
    anytown, OHIO
    I'm glad to see you're teaching young(er) people how to use tools, or just tricks of the trades in general. ;)

    My dad taught me a LOT, especially when we built a house when I was 12-13 years old. We had the shell put up but then finished EVERYTHING inside, great experience!
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    It would be as easy to collect old tools as it would to collect old guns. I have resisted the temptation to collect old tools but I did put a board up in the shop that contains many of the family hand-me-downs from my father and grandfathers. Amazing how many times I will get one of then off the board and use it. They may not be valuable but the sentiment associated with them is huge.

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    Some people go really nuts for classic tools.

    I really should have saved more of my grandfather's stuff (he was born in 1880) when we had the old barn w/hay loft.

    He used to make his own wooden tools, handles, all kinds of stuff with his wood shaves, spoke shaves, draw knives, wood chisels, wood mallets, planes. He built his first house in the USA in ~1903 with NO power tools, all by hand.

    I do have some of my dad's good older tools, still work fine!
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  9. Getting old and crippled and need my powered tools in order to keep going but I collect old tools and still have some of my great grandfathers tools, (blacksmith and carpenter). I have enough tools to do nearly anything I need to do if we go powerless and I am teaching my nephew how to use them before I let him touch anything but the drill press and table saw. He is the same nephew I started on the BB gun to air rifle to single shot bolt action 22. Sometimes I let him use a rest and have taught him prone and sitting but over 90% of his shooting is offhand and he has showed a lot of improvement considering his eye problems. Not a natural marksman but he works hard at it.
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