NAA Guardian 32 acp

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    i couldn't say he was an idiot because he made tons of money designing firearms. but lets look just a bit into his past. grendell , intra-tec both failures on a grand scale due to poor designs , and where did he get his training ???? that well known icon of quality firearms husqvara ( sp ) the whole kellgren experience is laughable at best
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    Apr 28, 2008
    he has good ideas... but he doesnt know anything about refining those ideas.

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    I had the Guardian .380 and ended up getting rid of it. Now, I had issues with it, but to be fair, it was used, and I was putting cheap ammo through it. It was during the "no .380 crisis", so I bought what I could. That said, it stove-piped every other round (and no, I was not limp-wristing it) and twice I pulled the trigger with no "boom". Upon inspecting the round, I didn't even see a spot where the pin struck. It was also a bit heavy for a tiny CCW.
    But like I said... I had a used one with cheap ammo. (granted this is the same cheap ammo that my Bersa 9mm and PA-63 have both digested without upset.) And most of the 100's of reviews I read before purchasing it were all positive. So that's just my experience.
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    I have shot the NAA Guardian .32NAA which is a .380 necked down to .32 and it is a hot little ctg. If I were in the market for a .32 this is where I'd be looking. Here is the link.
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    Dang 10lb trigger pull. That has to be harsh on a gun that small.
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    that is pretty stout for a lil gun, but i'd tinker on it.
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    Price per box of 20 rounds is 25-30 dollars where I am currently. Thats a pricey practice session.:eek:
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    Performance : The cartridge delivers in excess of 1,222 ft/s (372 m/s) velocity to a 60-grain (3.9 g) proprietary bullet from Hornady. This generates 199 ft·lbf (270 J) of energy from the 2.5" Guardian barrel (1453 ft/s & 287 ft·lbf (389 J) from a 4" test barrel).

    According to industry expert Ed Sanow, the 32NAA: produces more velocity, more energy and more stopping power than any conventional jacketed lead hollow point (JHP) .32 ACP, .380 ACP or .380 ACP (+P) with 15% less recoil (Power Factor) than the (+P); penetrates 8.3" of gelatin after passing through four (4) layers of denim, expanding to a .55" mushroom with a retained weight of 100%; and has a Fuller Index of 62% One-Shot Stops (compared to the 380 ACP Federal 90 gr (5.8 g). Hydra-Shok (53%)).

    Since this cartridge is based on the .380 ACP which is a rimless design it does not have the possibility of "rim-lock" that can happen with the semi-rimmed .32 ACP. Ballistically it is superior to the .32 ACP, yes at a higher price...
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