NAACP Going To U.N. For Help

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    After you read this, take into consideration what doors will be opened by bringing the UN into this country to allow them to tell us what is, and is not, constitutional in this country. Remember the brew-ha-ha about American Gun Rights in the UN? How about the possibility that they then want to come here to lock up our war criminals. How about UN observers at our voting booths, etc., etc., etc.. The New World Order!

    Fox News

    The NAACP is calling on the United Nations to intervene as it claims state governments are colluding to "block the vote" for minority communities ahead of the 2012 election -- a charge those governments vehemently deny.

    The nation's biggest civil rights organization this week released a report that claimed a raft of new voting laws at the state level would disenfranchise minority voters. The report said 14 states passed 25 measures "designed to restrict or limit the ballot access of voters of color."

    The report catalogued several categories of laws that have been passed largely by Republican-dominated legislatures and which Democrats have decried in recent months as tools of voter suppression. The new laws include requirements to present photo ID at the polls, voting restrictions on felons and limitations on registration and early voting periods.

    Supporters of the laws describe them as common-sense measures meant to ensure the integrity of elections. In Tennessee, which is implementing a new photo ID law, elections coordinator Mark Goins dismissed the criticism and questioned why the NAACP would flag the United Nations over its concerns, calling that effort "a bit extreme."

    "I don't know what the benefit of going to the U.N. would be," he said. "I can't imagine any authority whatsoever that they would have here in Tennessee."

    But the NAACP described the new measures as part of a "concerted" effort to drive down minority turnout and is planning a multi-stage campaign to attract international attention.

    To start, the group is planning a "Stand 4 Freedom" rally this Saturday across from the U.N. headquarters. Supporters are being asked to sign an online pledge which, among other demands, calls on the United Nations to "investigate and condemn voter suppression tactics in the United States."

    Copies of the latest report are being sent to the United Nations, as well as attorneys general across the country and the Department of Justice. According to one newspaper report, the NAACP will follow up in March when it sends a delegation to Geneva, Switzerland, to present its case before the U.N. Human Rights Council -- a group known more for its sustained criticism of Israel than its attention to voting rights.

    "We are experiencing an assault on voting rights that is historic, both in terms of its scope and intensity," the NAACP report said. It described the laws as a "direct response" to rising levels of minority voter participation in 2008 and the growth of those communities reflected in the 2010 Census.

    The report cited several examples of voting restrictions that were passed or strengthened this year.

    In 2011, seven state legislatures passed laws requiring voters to show photo ID before casting their ballots. Another state, Mississippi, approved such a law last month via ballot initiative.

    Republican governors in Florida and Iowa also reversed measures meant to end restrictions on the voting rights of felons. About a half-dozen states tightened restrictions on registration periods and on early voting periods. Alabama and Kansas also passed measures to require proof of citizenship to register; Tennessee passed a similar but more narrowly tailored measure.

    The NAACP and other critics of the laws claim new eligibility requirements to vote and register disproportionately impact black and Latino voters. The NAACP study said that while 11 percent of U.S. citizens don't have government-issued photo ID, 25 percent of voting-age black citizens fall in the same boat.

    But officials in the affected states say they're taking extra steps to ensure voters who are eligible can meet the new requirements without much hassle.

    In Tennessee, which has a photo ID law going into effect in January 2012, officials started offering free photo IDs at local DMV offices -- for voting purposes only.

    Goins rejected the claim that the change would disenfranchise voters. He noted that his office established the position of "minority coordinator" to reach out to minority communities about the change.

    "If you're an eligible voter, you're going to be fine. If you're an ineligible voter ... then you're going to have issues," he told

    South Carolina voting officials are also offering two kinds of photo ID cards that would be free of charge -- one from the DMV and another special voter registration card.

    Not all these laws are taking effect imminently. South Carolina, Alabama and Texas still need to have their laws approved by the Justice Department. In Rhode Island, that state's photo ID requirement doesn't go into effect until the beginning of 2014.

    Still, detractors say the proposals taken together could have a devastating effect next year. A report on new voter laws by the Brennan Center for Justice estimated that the laws "could make it significantly harder" for more than 5 million eligible voters to vote in 2012.

    "These new restrictions fall most heavily on young, minority and low-income voters, as well as on voters with disabilities," the Brennan Center report said.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    so translated the want the UN to Ok the thugs we saw last election chasing away folks who where not going to vote for obama , and maybe re-enforce them ?

    yeah the Un would be right at home with that

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    Oct 17, 2011
  4. raven818

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    There was a debate about this on Fox this morning. The lefter said, a lot of folks don't drive. Righter said, you don't need to be a driver. Just prove who you are, and get a state I.D.. The lefter said, many can't afford to pay for an ID. The righter named several states that are now giving free ID's to anyone who needs one. All you have to do is prove you're a resident. The lefter then started screaming about all the disenfranchised folks who wouldn't be able to go and get one. When the righter started to respond, the lefter began yelling until time had finally run out for the discussion...

    Does this approach by the lefter sound familiar? When they are caught with their pants down, it's time to start screaming nonsense. I'm surprised the lefter didn't bring up all the starving dogs in china. Oh, that's right. They eat their dogs.
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    Actually not too much wrong with the gentleman's message, IMO ! Self-sufficiency is always a good thing ! If nought else learning some viable trade skills would enhance employment in the black community. And teaching trade skills and a work ethic to youths of every stripe would benefit all aspects of the community.

    Does the "hate/isolation" message of the "New Black Panthers" worry me ? Not too much ! If they succeed in developing a sense of "community" and achieve some prosperity along the way, black communities won't be such easy targets for the sort of liberal/elite manipulation they've endured for so long ! >MW
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    so the $4million in educational materials dont worry you ?

    Communist manifesto , street tactics in urban combat , the ayers manual for civil disobedience etc dont worry you? .. ok ...
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    Man. that says it all. Perfectly..

    If I belonged to a community that was constantly being told that we would never have anything, without help from the folks wanting something from us, and the community bought into it, I'd leave the community.

    It's as insulting as anything anybody could ever say to another person(s). It's an out and out lie that just won't go away. It's beyond insulting. :mad:

    I'll never amount to anything without pleading for your help?
    Why don't folks punch these people out? It demeaning. It's outrageous. In other words, they're being told they're to damn stupid to do anything for themselves. It's just freekin mind control. I honestly believe I'd wind up in jail if anybody came to me with that. :mad:
  8. raven818

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.

    Does the fact that video was shown, proving voter intimidation, and nobody ever done anything about it bother you? And odds are good, since the " upheaval " went away, that it's going to happen again.
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    Dec 16, 2008

    did you read the responses to the vid?

    one of them said "they get free toofbrushes too"

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    Oct 17, 2011
    Yep nothing wrong with the sub section of the NAACP or the NAACP them selves :rolleyes:. Yes they are succeding but not in the way you want to think. Really, teaching the preachings of louis farrakhann and malcom x sits well with you? Twisting Martin Luther King Jr's message around about equal right sits well with you? Racist Hate breeds Racist hate:
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