Naked woman steals Louisiana cab!!

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  1. 199er

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    May 5, 2010
    Columbia SC
    Some guys have all the "luck" !!!

    Naked woman steals Louisiana cab

    COVINGTON, La. — Police in Louisiana say a woman stripped in the back seat of a cab, demanded the driver take her to her home state of Michigan and when he refused, stole his cab.

    Covington Police Capt. Jack West told The Times-Picayune that the driver picked up 29-year-old Jennifer Gille of St. Clair Shores, Mich., about 1 a.m. Sunday. West says Gille refused to get out when they reached their destination, stripped and demanded the cabbie take her home.

    West says the driver went to a police station for help and when inside, Gille drove off.

    Police found the cab parked about a block away and Gille was still naked. Police booked her on charges of unauthorized use of a movable vehicle and obscenity.

    She was released from jail late Tuesday on a $75 signature bond. No phone listing for her could be found in either state.


    Information from: The Times-Picayune,
  2. Helix_FR

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    Even though her mug shot don't show it, I've heard that she is a total knockout too. Makes ya wana drive a cab don't it?;)

  3. artabr

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    Comments from a local forum:

    "That's why I love the northshore! New Orleans gets rape and murder, we get naked chicks stealing cabs. Right on." - Speedracer, 2010

    Somebody else commented that the cabby must have been gay. I suspect he was a boy loving camel jockey.

    Another member said that she was a former neighbor.
    "The woman was smokin hot but severely bipolar and taking lithium. When she was in a manic state she could drive you up a wall. It was enough to make my wife that doesn't drink hit the bottle."

  4. 199er

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    May 5, 2010
    Columbia SC

    Sounds like she could 'drive people up walls' when she was on her medication too!!!!!
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  5. I can't believe they let her walk, her next stop should have been a locked ward in a mental hospital. She will pay her fine and continue doing stupid till she hurts herself or somebody hurts her. I knew 2 women like that, (one 19 and the other in her mid 30's), and they both were decent people when they were on their meds but they hated the side effects. They go off their meds, feel better for a day or two and then its all hell busting loose and there was no reasoning with either of them. They had to go to the hospital and had to be put back on their medical regimen before they straightened up and could be turned loose. Could be a week or two weeks depending on how far off the ladder they had fallen. Nothing funny about this woman, she needs help.
  6. wpage

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    Aug 25, 2009
    this could be the episode that convinces her to stay on the meds...
  7. Bobitis

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  8. 199er

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    May 5, 2010
    Columbia SC
    I'm going to cut her some Slack...................the picture was not exactly taken during her finest hour..........I'll give her a pass until I see her with her war face on' should surface on the internet by early next week.
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