Nazi Stamped Colt Model 57 in 30-06

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  1. sharpie443

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    May 9, 2012
    Got my hands on a very interesting Rifle. I don't know much about this rifle other than it's called "The Colt 57.". It's a K98 FN receiver with Nazi markings and a 30-06 Jefferson Barrel. I did a bit of poking around but i couldn't find anymore info on this gun. Regardless it's interesting and seems to be a good shooter so far. Hope you enjoy the video. If you have any info on the rifle let me know.
  2. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Per the Blue Book, approximately 5000 Colt Model 57 sporting rifles were made in 1957 by Jefferson Mfg. Co. in N. Haven CT, using new FN Mauser actions.

    But that is not one of them; the action is from a German K.98k military rifle, which explains the Nazi markings. The rifle, as it is now, would never have been put out with the Colt name. FWIW, I think a Colt 57 barrel was put on a WWII Mauser military rifle action by a gunsmith. The pictures show that the barrel and receiver condition don't match and the parts were certainly not together originally.

    The rifle is strictly a shooter, with no collector value at all. Value would be around $200 if the work is well done.


  3. Bindernut

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    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    Looks like you've got somebody's project rifle.
    An Oberndorf (42) K98 action. A Colt marked Jefferson barrel, probably bought from Numrich or some other parts wholesaler. I can't ID the stock as any particular maker...that roll-over has a unique profile but not one I've seen before. Are there any markings on the recoil pad?

    A genuine Colt 57 would have a regular commercial FN action. They didn't use any surplus K98 actions on em. AFAIK, they were only made for one or two years. 1957 or 1957-58.
    No stripper clip hump and no thumb cut-out on the receiver, a swept-back bolt handle with one checkered flat on the bottom. Basically they look like any other commercial FN action.
    The stock also wouldn't have the large roll-over cheekpiece either, just a small ambidextrous MonteCarlo cheekpiece with no roll-over. They should have a black Colt-marked buttplate recoil pad.
    I've seen three in person (one guy owns two). The stocks on those three are checkered and uncheckered, so they might've had different price grades.
    Too bad, because a genuine 57 would be worth pretty good coin to a Colt collector (or a Mauser collector too I suppose).

    Jim beat me to the punch. I was digging through my picture folders to see if I had any of the one guy's pair...can't find any pics.
    Here's one on a Cabelas listing that is typical of the three that I've seen.
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  4. crockett007

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    Feb 28, 2009
    Yep, definitely a Frankenrifle. Hope it shoots well and you enjoy it. I would check the freebore and the headspace just for giggles, (and to preserve your face).
  5. sharpie443

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    May 9, 2012
    Na, brass looks fine and the bolt matches the receiver so I'm good. If it had head spacing issues I would have found out with the first box of ammo. Looks like the gunsmith who made this gun did a good job.
  6. sharpie443

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    May 9, 2012
    Well on the upside now that i know it's not a real colt I will not feel bad when i ditch the ugly monte-carlo stock and have a new Mannlicher stock made for it. Hopfully in black walnut if i have the money. I never liked Monte-carlo stocks.