Need advice quick before its gone.

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    A guy in the paper has a dillon 1050 press for sale and I'm trying to figure out if its a good deal or not. He wants $1200 for it and he has 38., 45acp, 9mm, and 223 dies, also he has 2 extra tool head converters, a cover for it a repair kit, a case feeder(small rifle and pistol and large rifle), bullet tray, and small and large primer tubes. Is this a good deal on a used unit? All the dies are for cal. I shoot. I would only have to ad a .357 and a 30/06.

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    That's about $1500-1600 worth of goods, so strictly dollar-wise, it's a deal.

    I'd contact Dillon and see what the Lifetime Warranty rules are if you aren't the original owner.

    Also, though, I'm loading all those calibers on a Dillon 550, just fine, at about 1/2 that price (~$600 invested in press and dies / toolheads, bullet tray, strong mount).

    So, important questions are; MUST have 1050 press? MUST save $$? neither? both?

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