need help on M1A

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  1. traded a newer loaded for this rifle tonight and i need some info on this rifle. the writing on the rear of the reciever is different on the rest of my rifles. the serial# is 0111XX is has all springfield parts and the only marking on the barrel is NM on the top of the barrel behind the front sight. the barrel is a standard weight with a non chrome bore. the sights are standard sights with a locking bar. it has a bayonet lug on the flash supressor. any ideas on what year and what she is?
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    No idea on any specifics but it sure is pretty.

  3. gdmoody

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    I just don't think you will like it:D and I think you need to get rid of it, I will swap this for it.:rolleyes:
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    Nice looking M1A1.... :)

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    OMG you got a spaceman gun?!?!
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    Come on, that one doesn't look so evil, its kinda cute...;)
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  8. i called springfield and it is a standard model made in september 1979 according to the archive books as it wasn't on the computers. she said it didn't have a nm marked barrel when it left springfield but i have heard that some of the standards did have them as they were copies of the GI national match rifles.
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