Need info on a BP percussion lock plate?

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  1. A friend of mine found an old lock while digging out beside an old celler on his place. It looks to be a musket size lock, percussion more than likely. Here is the info that I found on the lock and it took some cleaning as well as polishing to get this much. Any info on the maker and the gun company would be appreciated, especially the time period it could have been made. Here is the info from the lock plate:
    JAs Goicher
    The rest of it we could not make out. Any references to this maker or gun company? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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  3. As I matter of fact, I do.

    James GOLCHER was a well-respected gunmaker in the Philadelphia area from about 1840 until the end of the percussion era. He made mostly locks and not complete firearms, although some smaller-caliber Plains-type rifles were made.

    I have incomplete research on the Eagle Gun Factory, but my belief is that Golcher would have been the lockmaker for the larger concern and not the muzzle-to-butt gunmaker. The marking you describe has appeared on various longarms including the 9-bore Pigeon Gun referenced in Xracer's link above.
  4. CountryGunsmith, you are the second person who gave me about the same info so I am betting you both are right. Below is what the other person sent me as to the lock plate. He did have some additional info that might be of interest.

    Xracer, very simular to the lock plate in the picture. It looks almost identical but time in the ground has taken a toll!

    Thanks to all that helped me find out about it.

    "Good Find! It's a James Golcher Lock...An Old and Respected Gun Making Family...The Eagle Rifle Works (factory)was located in Philadelpia and was making Kentucky Rifles...Barrels were made by H.Elwel. Locks and Patch Box Covers by James Golcher circa 1835/40..
    There were two differant spellings of Golcher/Goulcher, but most authoritys agree that Golcher/Goulcher was one and the Same Family.
    There were at least TEN Golcher's in the Gun Making Business...The family were of German Decent and brought the Trade to the America's in the 1770's..Sons were apprenticed to other Gun Makers and eventially returned to the Family to further thier education after getting experiance in differant aspects of the Trade...If You truly have a Golcher Percussion will have been Made between 1835/40 while James was in Partnership with H. Elwel. James Older Brother was a Noted Gun Maker also..Located in Philadelphia and later Moved his Shop to California around the the Time of the Gold Rush...There were a number of the Family that also moved and opened up shop in New York, St Paul, Minn. and Saint Louis, Mo...Where the Plains Rifle of Choice was the Golcher/Goulcher in 50/55 Caliber Percussion Half Stock...Hope this helps you.....Best....."
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