Need info on Marlin 336

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    The "AC" is the serial number prefix and indicates the year your Marlin 336 was produced. Your complete serial number is "AC60480"

    Depending on the year of manufacture the serial number is either located on the bottom tang under the lever or on the top tang behind the hammer.
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    Sep 15, 2010
    O.K. thanks, guess I should have re read what you told me at first then. I do really appreciate all the info you have give me on it.

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    A friend just bought a 336 in 35 rem, it was made in 1952. He gave $450 for it.
    I haven't seen it yet , so I don't know if he got took.
    That is suppose to be the first year the were in the Marlin catalog. It hasn't been drilled and taped for a scope yet.
  5. BETH

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    wow so many new people on this thread, welcome to all of you if u have questions this is the best place to be
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    Where can I find a new butt stock for my 336??
  7. Tom Archer

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    So many new posters and so much incorrect information! The Model 336 is common as dirt (millions manufactured) and was first introduced in 1948 chambered in 30/30 Winchester and 32 Special. The 336 factory chambering offerings was expanded to include 35 Remington in 1951 ("G" serial number prefix); and in 219 Zipper in 1955 ("M" serial number prefix), but the Zipper was produced in the SC model only. Gold plated triggers became a standard feature on the Marlin 336 in 1958. Straight stocked Marlin 336's are common and were marketed as the "Texan" model; but never marked on the barrel as such (in fact, most Texan barrels are stamped "RC"). Early Texan models had rounded levers, with the squared lever (similar in shape to the early Marlin Model 93 lever) variation being introduced during the early '70's. Replacement stocks can be found on eBay, various gun auction sites, Numrich Arms, etc; and thru after market parts suppliers such as Macon Gun Stocks and others, although most aftermarket stocks are unfinished and require plenty of hand fitting. There are all manner of model differences between very early and later vintage Model 336's (Ballard vs Micro-groove rifling, matted receiver tops, smooth receiver tops, smooth D&T receiver tops, hammer and trigger differences, stock differences, etc); but the absolute best place to get information on all manner of Marlin rifles and variations is by checking out the forum.
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    Mar 2, 2011
    Love my 1964 Marlin 336 straight stocked,gold trigger,micro-groove barrel , non-sadde ring 44 MAG :)
  9. mustang69

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    Mar 21, 2012
    marlin est. 1870 - model 336 micro -groove barrel r.c. 30-30 serial # t 12334

    this is what i have can u please tell me what year and some info on this gun its got a gold trigger
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    Good information Tom, for the most part.
    336 first year; 1948 E serial number prefix.
    336---------- 1949 F prefix.
    336---------- 1950 G prefix. (first year of 35 Rem. chambering)
    336---------- 1955 M prefix. (first year of micro-groove) (219 zipper only)
    336---------- 1956 N prefix. (first year of micro-groove, all calibers)
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