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  1. billjay

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    Sep 21, 2004
    i have a j.p.sauer swing cylinder revoler with 6in. ribbed barrel,adjustable rear sight,high quality blue finish,orginal sauer&sohn medallion on handles,marked sauer trophy 22 cal. also have small chrome rossi revoler,swing cylinder,7 shot 22 cal. need any info available and value.both guns in mint condition.
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    Hi billjay........welcome to The Firearms Forum.

    Well, you've got me stumped. I've checked both the Blue Book and The Standard Catalog of Firearms and can't find either of your handguns.

    There are listings of many J.P. Sauer auto pistols, but no revolvers.

    Nor do I find any 7-shot .22 Rossi revolvers listed.

    Could you possibly post some more information, or, better still, post some pictures?

  3. The JP Sauer 'Trophy' was imported into the US by Hawes out of Los Angeles in the 1960's. Value today is as a shooter, but it is of nice quality, so figure it should bring $200 or more. Selling these for anywhere near what they are worth is difficult due to the lack of brand recognition. The Sauer-made Hawes single action revolvers are only just now selling for close to their true value since they have been discovered by CAS shooters.

    The Rossi is from early in the company's history and is a typical-for-the-time mediocre quality copy of the Smith & Wesson. In this case, they opted to copy the older S&W Ladysmith revolver. Taurus was doing the same thing at the time. I have seen these offered at $200 but never any takers. I think $125-$150 is a more realistic retail. Understand that the current Rossi (Braz-Tech) products represent a HUGE improvement in quality from these earlier models.
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