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  1. alexykysil230

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Hi ladies and gents, i just joined today. I currently own a Mossberg 12 Gauge. And i'm going tommorow to a pawn shop to purchase my first .22 or a .9 . Since i dont know that much about guns and way too busy to reserch all of them what would you say is a good few .22 and .9 that you would recomend as far as reliability. I plan to carry my gun at work thats why i'm going to look for a .22 but if i can find a good .9 for a good price i'll just get that instead. I will get a German Makarov Later on but for right now i just need to know a few good guns that wont jam on me.. thank you for all your time and i will definetly be posting here a lot to expend my knowledge in gun care.
  2. alexykysil230

    alexykysil230 New Member

    Jul 2, 2009

  3. Well, first off, welcome to TFF, Alex.

    As for your question . . . you're kind of asking "how high up." ;) You need to first decide what it is you really want. There is a major difference between a .22 caliber rimfire and a 9mm centerfire. For one thing, if your need is for a self-defense firearm, few here would recommend a .22 simply because it is at best marginal for self-defense purposes. I'm not saying it can't be a deadly weapon--all firearms are that--but it's potential for stopping an attacker is not high. A 9mm, on the other hand, is a very adequate defense caliber, but much more expensive to shoot than a .22 rimfire in terms of ammunition cost. A .22, however, makes a fine target and small game weapon and is about the most fun of any handgun to shoot.

    Based on your post, your statement that you don't "know that much about guns" would seem rather accurate. There is, for example, no such thing as a ".9" but rather a 9mm, and the Germans don't make the Makarov pistols; the Russians do. :D No offense intended, I assure you; everyone has to learn. For that reason, my honest recommendation to you is to get some training before you consider buying a firearm. A weapon in the hands of someone untrained to use it safely and properly is often more dangerous to the user than to any opponent he might face.
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    OK first of all by .9 i assume you mean 9mm. i'm not going to make any recomendations here as there are far too many good choices in that caliber.

    I would say you should go with the .22 first. Personally I'd recomend starting out with a .22 rifle . Again there are many of those to choose from but two of the most popular are Marlin model 60 and Rugger 10/22.

    I'm a bit confused about your plans to carry at work. Are you allowed to do this? Do you have a need to do this? In any event a .22 cal handgun is not something I'd recommend for self defense applications.

    The Ruger MKIII is a popular .22 pistol but not very practical or effective for self defense or concealed carry.

    I would suggest you forget about carrying until you have some experience with handguns. A .22 is always good to get familiarized with firearms and getting used to shooting, safety principles, and marksmanship. I'd start there.
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    Well at least I dont have to agree with gn on this one yet. ROFL! +1 for Pistol's and running's advice. You got plenty of time to learn what you like. A 9mm in almost any popular brand is ok. The thing you have to find out is which one suits YOU. There are a bunch out there so you have no need to rush into buying one.
    .22 rims are a lot of fun to shoot and as they both have already said a great way to get some training. You may find out you dont like auto's and want to try a revolver (wheel guns for us old folks). Try not to limit yourself to one caliber either. 38's are great as are .357 which will also shoot the .38 caliber. I know most of you are cringing but the guy that sold me my New Vaquero didnt know that either. Thats a whole nother story. .380 auto's are usually good too.That new .32 federal magnum sounds like a good wheel gun. And I dont think anyone here would argue against any glock that fits you as a ccw.As frustrating as this advice seems you really gotta get out and try some one. Its like a new pair of shoes no 2 manufacturer's make an identical weapon.If you can I recommend finding a shooting range that rents weapons and trying them out first. Welcome to the forum , as I am sure you have already heard safety first. Every gun is loaded and try to remember treating them that way no matter what ANYONE else says. Have fun!
  6. alexykysil230

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Thank you for great advice guys i maybe young (21) but not ignorant when it comes to fire arms. I do shoot guns on occasion on a friends farm, he has a wide variety of them, i'm a big guy so recoil isn't a problem nor is preference, as long as it doesnt jam when i really need it. Pistolenschutze i have been seeing East German Makarov, Bulgarian, Russian, multiple times on the net and at gun shows (maybe i'm somehow misinformed) . You all are right tho i messed up on the .9 and yes i did mean 9mm. And i couldn't agree with you more that guns should be used with caution, but i also believe in self-defense i have owned a lifetime permit since 18 and my shotgun and never had to use it once for self defense thank god, but its time to upgrade to carry a weapon on me since the world we live in becomes a crazier place.
  7. True, the Makarov has indeed been manufactured in many places besides Russia, though it was indeed a Russian design, just as the AK47 and SKS rifles were manufactured all over the former Soviet bloc, but were originally Russian-designed weapons. I was simply afraid you were confusing the Makarov with a German-designed weapon such as the Walther or even the Luger.

    To carry a firearm concealed on one's person, however, is a pretty strictly controlled issue in every jurisdiction I know. I don't know what your state of residence might be, but I assume you are aware that a permit is required for that in every state willing to allow it at all. Fortunately, most of them do, but the regs vary quite a lot. Be sure you comply with any regulations your state may have before carrying one concealed. Again, no offense intended, just better safe than sorry. :D
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    I can't provide any recomendations for a .22 pistol because they not a good self defense weapon. Great for target shooting though.

    Since you are going to a pawn shop and will have to take pot luck with what they have, I suggest you stay with a well established manufacturer like Glock, Springfield, Smith, Colt, etc. A 9mm pistol with the proper self defense load, can provide excellant protection.

    Once you have purchased your pistol, make sure you research your state laws to find out where you can carry without a conceal carry permit. Even if you apply for the permit right away, it may take many months before you actually recieve it. If you are caught by the police with an illegally concealed gun, meaning you have no permit, you will not only lose the gun but quite possibly lose your ability to legally carry a gun in the future.

    Stay safe and good luck with your search. Let us know what you get.:)
  9. hvacwizard24

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Birmingham, Alabama
    I like the Sig mosquito. very "real" feeling gun!
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