Need Remington 597 Jamming Solutions

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Dead.Eye.Steve, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Dead.Eye.Steve

    Dead.Eye.Steve New Member

    Oct 9, 2003
    My new Remington 22 auto seems to jam way to much and I suspect the clip is the culprit - even after having switched from plastic to metal clips.

    Any suggestions?

    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Sell it and get something different, the 597 is a rebadged Viper, and just as unreliable. I suspect all who see me reply to this, always know my answer---cause`s it`s always the same. If you like Remington and require an auto.....spend the extra bucks for a SpeedMaster (overpriced) or an early model Remington. Way too many quality .22 auto`s out there to be dissapointed with a 597.

    Best and WELCOME!


  3. Welcome to ya Deadeye!!!...I'm a'thinkin y'all oughta give the Armalite .50 BMG a try!...;)
  4. warpig

    warpig Guest

    been awhile since someone made me spit on the monitor

    thanks for the laugh SG
  5. z537z

    z537z New Member

    I've got my 597 still.

    While it is a great feeling rifle capable of surprising accuracy, it is ridiculously prone to frustrating jams.

    The clip is your biggest problem, and the only thing you can really do is tap it against something to make sure the rounds sit tight up agains the back of the clip (butts of the rounds against the back of the clip).
    The rifle is of poor manufacture and you really ought to get rid of it. I picked up a Romanian Trainer because I'm on a budget and I haven't looked back. The bolt-action also cures my semiauto jamming woes.

    Though I've yet to see my friend's 10/22 jam up. That's a quality rifle. Just don't like it that much is all, doesn't feel nice/don't like the look of it.

    So yeah, LTS is right. You're really not going to get around this you just have to ditch the rifle. Once in a while you'll get through a clip w/o a jam, but not often, especially after sustended use. Especially with nasty Remington ammo that clogged it up. Learned my lesson there :p.

    Good luck

  6. Cliff

    Cliff New Member

    At times, with the Romanian 69, I would like a 10rd magazine. I do have 3 magazines though. I also 'suffer' with a single-shot. So if I have 15 rounds for quick get to's why do I even need a 10 rounder since I should have bought another clip.
  7. z537z

    z537z New Member

    I agree a 10rd. for my Romy would be damn nice.

    I could probably make one now that I think about it... a little welding and two clips together. Or at least like a 8-9 round one :).

    And single stack is the way to go with rimfire. Double's too much trouble IMO (minus the 10/22 mags which are gold).

  8. Cliff

    Cliff New Member

    When I first got my Romanian 'ammo burning machine", no laughs cause I can pull, jack,pull and still do good at 50 yrds, I thought about gluing the bottoms together and use it as a "drop-flip' mag as being somewhat, maybe a little bit, a tad similar to how the big boys do with their magazines for their AKs & M16s. I do know that I have seen that configuration in a 10 rd mag though. I am thinking Marlin or a Marlin made magazine. If one did glue them together with a tad bit of Super Glue, could one 'break them apart" again without 'breaking' the mags in the process. It would look strange in that the clip would look like a broken piece of flat metal and then rewelded it backwards. Is that a good description? If not, ain't no big deal cause I can't describe anything without waving my hands and you can talk all you want on these puters and you still could make out what I was doing.
  9. z537z

    z537z New Member

    Drop-flip can be darn handy and it's a good idea.
    Rather than go about doing it that way (gluing the bottoms together), I'd put them side by side the way the big boys do. Then I'd take some damn good tape (like aircraft tape) in a 1/4" strip to cover about that much overlap and bind them together. Probably a lot easier to dissasemble that way.
    If not tape, maybe a metal band of some sort. Would look pretty cool I think.

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