NEF Handi-Rifle Accuracy Problems

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    Jan 11, 2009
    The NEF/H&R single shot firearms are no frills freezer fillers

    The NEF/H&R single shots are austerity times, short range meat-getters & in retrospect from a purely practical point of view I would have been better off buying a NEF/H&R single shot shotgun rather than a rifle model because they are much more versatile in that you could use the shot shells for squirrels, ducks, rabbits and upland game & the slugs for hogs & deer.

    I owned a H&R 12 gauge single shot & with slugs it was just as if not more accurate than the rifle models I own now. A buddy of mine joked that regardless if your NEF/H&R single shot was a rifle or a shot gun you got a pattern (rather than a group) at the target end of the range.

    Precision, long range guns they ain't but if hard times have befallen you in this sour economy & there isn't much jingle left in the cookie jar these no frills, low maintenance, game gathering tools will definitely fill a stew pot or a freezer. That's their niche on the firearms evolutionary scale & they fill it well.
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    Jan 1, 2012
    read thru most of the comments about the handi-rifle and checked out some of the items. I recently bought the handi-rifle with a 24 inch,223, heavy barrel. I then sent it back to be fitted with a 22 hornet barrel. The hornet shoots is more accurate than the 223. I called H & R and requested the twist of each rifle. 223=1/12 22 hornet=1/16 The stock is the synthetic with thumb hole.
    I then checked for the stress relief, the barrels did not ring when struck, which means neither was stress relieved. Next I checked for clearance between the forearm and the barrel. It's funny because the 223 heavy barrel which was the barrel bought with the stock had no clearance between the barrel and forearm,
    however the 22 hornet had ample clearance. I found a wooden dowel the same diameter as the 223 barrel placed one layer of 120 grit sand paper on it and ran the forearm back and forth increasing the grove diameter until a dollar bill would slip easily between the barrel and the forearm. I have not tested the fix yet, will post results later. I am still worried that as time passes the synthetic stock will pressure flow where the barrel is retained by the screw. There should have been a metal spacer in the screw hole so deformation could not happen.
    I reload my ammo which find very interesting. I am getting groups if 1/2 inch at 100 yards with the hornet using 10.5 grains of h4198 powder and 40 grain sierre blitzking bullets. I love this cartridge. Have already killed one coyote, two crows, and an armadillo with three bullets. Managed to get two crows lined up for one shot, that was great. If any handloaders are shooting 223, and have developed an very accurate combination please advise. later

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    Remember the line of sight for the scope is normally 1" to 1.5" above the barrel of the rifle. That means the bullet will rise as it leaves the barrel and pass though the line of the scope. As air resistance and gravity act on the bullet it will fall back through the line of sight of the scope. In reality you have two distinct points that the bullet path and the line of the scope actually match. What caliber are you shooting?
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