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    Sep 24, 2009
    I ordered 1000 9mm brass for my sons Christmas present-ordered on 12/15-called Mon12/23 as it had not arrived(1-3day free shipping).Owner said he would track but meanwhile would ship out another 1K in case first was lost.It arrived Tues12/24 at 4:00...I figured I would wait until Thurs to call and tell him it was here..HE texted me Christmas am to make sure brass had arrived...WOW-someone who took 5-10 minutes away from his family on Christmas morning to check with a customer(I'm sure I'm 1 of 1000s).This is a STAND-UP company and I will buy my brass from them even if I see it 5-10$ cheaper elsewhere...and brass was all indoor range fired-mainly Speer,Blazer with some FC.We need to support good people like this.

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