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    Well if you have not heard obummer said this week that if the Bush tax cuts are not extended it would ruin his chance for a second term. As if he has a chance for a 2nd term with or without the cuts. Anyway 2 pathetic losers Bill Cling-on and Bur-rock-head moved to abandon their left wing views and adopt conservative ideas extending the Bush tax cuts this week. What are they trying to gain by doing this? Extending tax cuts for 2 years is not going to raise the skirts of big company CEO’s who look 10 to 20 years in the future for investment. This only shows the flaws of Bur-rock-head’s plan while we Americans suck wind. So thanks Bur-rock-head for the last 2 years of spending and causing us the American people to suffer the recession of a lifetime. I guess we just had that coming to us while you flew your dog around on a 727 cause the b!tch would not fit on air force one. Not to mention the 200 million dollar a day tour of Asia. So to abandon your ideas and shift to the right means you didn’t really know what you were doing in the first place. Wonder if you are going to say “I’m sorry” to the American people? Nevertheless such qualities in a leader are lackluster at best. Which makes me ask what kind of a military leader a gutless, spineless, yellow belly would make? So my attention turns to Afghanistan?

    Does anyone in the administration know what we are still doing there? Latest news I hear is the administration is gearing up for 4 more years of war. Really??? And what do they expect to accomplish there? I am not going to say anything bad about our souls fighting the good fight. The good American men and women there on our behalf need a shout out. God bless you guys! But to their leaders I ask, what is on your mind? Don’t you think by now it is just time to bug out? After all knocking in dirt walls and doors of caves is just foolish. Bin Laughing is as safe as a kitten in mama’s arms. So much for that 25 million dollar bounty. Why not just leave and let him resurface? At this point a 308 will never find his head. At this rate Bin Laughing will die of old age, kidney failure or syphilis he got from a goat. I say let him resurface then invite him to a ribbon cutting ceremony at a goat and camel burlesque show.

    Then there is Public Enemy # 1. GEORGE SOROS
    How is that conceived communist, one government, one soros dollar bill world manifesting? Oh the thrill of it all. Fooled all the people didn’t you? Funny the only thing communist can handle on a large scale is printing money and spending it. Well George it looks like karma is around the corner. Your magic puppet is on his knees. He is forgotten but not gone – yet. But his day will come and so will yours. You think only your kind howls at night. Were just a step away from you and vengeance is boiling. Every day you are exposed just a bit more. With a timeless curse you are bound to torment. Hay George wake up and smell the toilet. We are about to flush it again. All your money can’t buy that maiden call.

    A final thought about Europe. I recall Europe supporting Obummer during the campaign. You people in Europe just don’t get it. Europe is full of sicken minds. Your way of life is not ours and never will be. This spot called America is the last stand and we are not going to let it go. You will not cage a free man. So to Europe and all the scum sucking 535, and the rest intent on global domination, STICK IT!

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    Dec 16, 2008

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