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  1. :D So my new LNL press came today from Cabela's along with a few items I ordered from Mid South Shooters. However, Mid South shipped two cans of Hornady 'Canned Air' instead of two cans of Hornady spray cleaner and dry lube. I'll get that right with Mid South but wanted to clean the powder measure and get started loading. I used alcohol to clean the factory lube from my RCBS UniFlow so see no reason why I can't use that on the Hornady. I also have some PTFE Dri Lube spray but not sure that is what is in the Hornady product. Any suggestions on that?

    Also, got a taste of Hornady's customer service today. The options on their 500 free bullets coupon are all hollow point in the calibers I shoot. My indoor range allows no hollow point ammo. I called Hornady and was told quickly and cheerfully that I could have whatever I needed. So, 500 plated 230 gr. 45 RN it will be.
  2. Brisk44

    Brisk44 New Member

    Mar 6, 2011
    Happy reloading, you're going to love it.

  3. Caneman

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    Oct 22, 2010
    Good job calling them to get the bullets you wanted... wish i knew that :(

    not sure what they use on the machine, but i used dry lube spray and powdered graphite on the primer shoe/slide, if thats what you had in mind... the manual says to use a little grease under the shell plate where the indexing balls are, and get a grease gun and shoot some in the grease zerks (i think there are two or three of them)

    raise up the ram halfway to clear the pawls and see if you can rotate the shell plate using one hand... mine was very tight and i had to do some minor mods to get it to loosen up so it would rotate freely... i called hornady and they said you should be able to rotate the shell plate easily with one hand...
  4. DidI

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Central Texas
    I just received my LnL AP last week. Got a note from Hornady that indicates that my rebate bullets are working their way through the process...I'll try and call them tomorrow because I would surely love to have some 158 or 189 grain fodder for my .357 Henry BB instead of those 110 gn plinkers.
    Love this TFF place. and SMLRanger!!
    Rolled up some new stuff yesterday. Love the whole process.
    The last time I loaded anything was at LEAST 25 years ago. Can't say "re"load, as my 22-250 has never had a factory bullet shot in it.
    What have I been doing for 25 years? Lots, and now I live in a place where I can shoot from the shop door, or off the back porch. Have a woodworking hobby where folks pay me serious money for custom furniture. One customer funded the whole Henry and Hornady LnL. Now I need MANY customers to pay for all the inventory of components that need to get the kinks worked out of the Henry (really no kinks - but ya gotta believe that a few thousand rounds run down range will make it even better)
    So far I have used MidwayUSA and Graf and Son and find both to be hard to beat.
    Love the way this Henry shoots. Got a peep sight coming from Montana that may help with the precision of hole placement. Can't imagine I'll ever want some glass on top of that pretty gun.
    Now I gotta find some place that needs some Hogs thinned out. Here' my deal. I shoot it, clean it out, and leave the critter hanging in what ever tree they designate.
    Stay tuned for spurious updates. AND THANKS AGAIN all here for the friendly greeting and wealth of info/help, and the story gets even better. (and the wife sez I talk to much ? ? ?)
  5. DidI

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Central Texas
    Like the new LnL, the new dies. And I DID call Grand Island and talked to a very friendly and helpful Lorrie (sp?).
    I got to them on time, and not I have bunched of 180 gn (typo above . .it was late!)
    Because I have a rebate for the new die set I will try 100 of those 110gn plinkers (as I call them)
    So . . .Hornady was always a good guy in my memory (shot a lot of their 22 cal components in the 22-250), but now they make it to the HERO rank.
    Building inventory of components for the Henry (357) and 22-250 (a custom gun I built back before I found a wife. The 22-250 is a Savage 110L action with a Flags 26" heavy barrel on a classy piece of French Walnut. It used to shoot lots better than a friends Single Shot Browning. That Browning sure was pretty, but my shooting buddy then wanted to tear his hair out because he never was able to match my performance - one hole groups - with his Browning.)
    So Again . ..EXCITED TO BE HERE. Friendly lot... and HATS off to Hornady!!
  6. Waldog

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    Jun 7, 2007
    You will love your LNL as long as it is adjusted properly, lubed regularly and maintained. I have two!! (Still have one BLUE press (SDB) that I use when teaching NRA reloading courses!)
  7. Caneman

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    Oct 22, 2010
    The 'Dog turned me on to the LnL AP and I couldn't be happier... used to dread reloading 200 pistol cartridges with a single stage, now it really is enjoyable.
  8. gun-nut

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    Jan 15, 2011
    I love mine so have fun and enjoy!:)
  9. American Leader

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Welcome aboard DidI and congrats to you and smlranger on your new loaders, I'm sure you both will enjoy them for many years to come!
  10. I finished getting the new press all set up tonite and loaded 50 40SW. Cabela's had both the 9mm and 45ACP shell plates on backorder so I only have the 40 shell plate. Powder measure is as consistent as my RCBS Uniflow. I had a few mis-steps but once I got a rhythm, I was good to go. I can see the need for a couple of spare shell plate retainer springs and an extra spring for the primer shuttle (dropped it on the floor and like to never found that little thing).
  11. vytoland

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    Oct 14, 2008
    load em up and shoot em out.
  12. noylj

    noylj Active Member

    Jul 27, 2007
    What is wrong with JHPs? Some of these ranges have the weirdest rules. I assume that they really want only "crappy" plated bullets to be used.

    You can wash the metal parts with warm water and a little Dawn, rinse, and dry.
    You can clean the metal parts with naphtha (light fluid).
    I prefer the One Shot for cleaning. I still don't see ANY solid lube in it, but it works any way. I always like to have at least two cans.
    IF you have any powder that is black due to graphite on the surface, work a hopper full through the measure to coat and lube things.
    On my Hornady L-N-L powder measure, I removed the hopper so no solvent hit it and washed in warm water and a little Dawn. Did not rinse it out, just let it air dry.
    The very slight detergent residue helps cut down on static--also, I didn't know if One Shot would "attack" the plastic.
    Do not get the One Shot case lube. It works, but it is "heavy". Prefer Lee or Dillon case lube.
  13. noylj

    noylj Active Member

    Jul 27, 2007
    Sometimes the .40 shell plate will work for 9mm and vice versa.
    The retaining spring in very easy to damage. Have a spare or three on hand (however, I went for over 5 years with a really mangles one--finally got a new one 'cause the old one just looked like crap.
    For the primer shuttle spring--that is the only part of the Hornady where I would have liked to have more room.
    Get the following from Harber Freight:
    4-3/4" Bent Needle Nose Pliers
    Item #40698
  14. Caneman

    Caneman Active Member

    Oct 22, 2010
    nice catch i like that... i have been using tweezers :rolleyes:
  15. 312shooter

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Las Vegas NV
    The springs on the LNL are easy to get free from Hornady. First make SURE you register the press with them for warranty. Call up customer service and tell them you are a new user and mangled the springs by mistake, they will send you out a few of each which should last you for years:D

    I also "fudge" on the shellplates and reload 223's on the 9mm shellplate, matter of fact I meant to start a thread for LNL users cross referencing shellplates they stumbled across.
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