new Book about Cambodia and some good friends

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  1. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    i'll post the back cover and preface

    these folks , US and Aussies where training a regular army in Cambodia

    i came in after , and helped create with many others a covert organisation when the regular units failed

    tis is the story of the US and Aussie efforts to do it the straight way

    the preface will tell you a bit more than the back cover

    and pic of a bloke i haven't heard of in 30 something years

    although its about the aussies it shows the US SF involvement and just how effective it was when the BS was taken out of it all

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  2. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
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    I had the opportunity to visit Cambodia in early 1966. However the only time we spent on the ground was just long enough to lay some charges on a downed helicopter.. But as I was later told, this never happened, no U.S. Army aircraft was involved in Cambodia at that time. go figure:eek: Just as a little side note, just before this non existing mission we covered all aircraft identification markings with mud ( yes mud ), they took away our ID and dog tags:confused:, gave each of us a map and more or less the following instructions " If we were forced down, don't go that way, try and get back this way, If captured, swear that we got lost and didn't know where we were, and if any of the crew says other wise , shoot them.:)" They ( no comments on "who " they were ) were not smiling when they briefed us by the way.

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Your military has had that a few times , and when one gent refused to accept that order , they used your allies as minders ..

    one gent had a brit , then aussie minder in afghanistan in the 80's , his job was to trade Hind parts and aircraft parts captured by the Northern alliance for SAM's ( shoulder launched redeyes and the later ones ) , his minder was a body guard and translator

    but with firm instruction that the US gent was never to be taken alive at any cost

    i got to cambodia in 75-76 and met up with a fe US folks there , who also never existed , so when i talk about my imaginary friends from that time , you know what i'm talkin about ... ;)

    to "the Deacon" "Mac" "Shorty" and "big Bob" where ever you blokes are

    May the Good Lord Bless you and Keep you , we know what you achieved and thank you for all your help ,

    the time is coming when the later part of the cambodian war will be declassified , and i hope it shows just what can be achieved by a few good men ... but theres a worry with that too

    the US was a ally of pol pot for a good while , while Australia was not , and that lead to a few incidences..

    it needs to be shown how your troops held honour and faith with your allies , while the government allowed the KR to scam them into making war on your allies .. without hanging the US troops out to dry so to speak , and if it cannot be done , then i guess i and others will always have poor recollections of what exactly happened ..
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  4. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
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    For the past 30 some odd years I have been reading and researching on exactly what was what in that part of the world. I have come to the conclusion I still don't know diddly squat, ain't life a bit**. A lot of what I read just didn't jibe with what I saw and experienced. Perhaps some day the fog will lift. Only one incidence caused me pain and I went a little crazy, I tried to kill every living thing that crossed my sights. Man ,women , dog , cat, didn't matter. It was so bad they sent me on an involuntary R&R where I was able to draw back and take a fresh look at the world. It no longer causes any wrinkles in by little Bede brain, but once a year in October , regardless of were I am at, I will go outside with a glass of cognac and raise a toast to one casualty of that war. It no longer causes me pain, but to the day I depart from the world I will remember James Gordon Paterson, a brother in arms. Godspeed, and if it happens to be the other place tell the devil to reserve a seat for me at his table. Damn, I have to sign off now, I have something in my eye. Vaya con Dios
  5. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    i'm in the same boat here , good mates hell we pulled of some crazy stuff

    magnificent 7 and the guy running through the barracks aint got nothing on real life

    , taking turns to be sniper bait so your mate could nail them and knowing he would every time , and then he trusting you to do likewise and hoping above hope that you'd not let him down , the hard part for me was there was a lot of women snipers and like most military you hunt your opposite , subs hunt sub's , tank hunt tanks , snipers hunt other snipers , but you could not let that eat you up , it did to many and many we lost by their own hand later because it ate them up , or booze or drugs or they just dispared so much they just lost all will to live , and i was away playing another war or peace keeping BS , and got home and was told another one gone ..

    my old unit lost more in training than combat , even today with our recent losses in the ghan , but we lose 6 times that through booze drugs and suicide

    Rwandan vet's the highest of them all , but what we saw there was indescribable , folks say i should post pic's , but i cant , and i'd not even start to try to describe it all but hell on earth and the start of my investigation of the Un , the NWO lowlives behind the UN , obama ( who was the UN lawyer who disarmed the folks in the camps who got slaughtered and got well paid by the big business's that profited) and the rest ..

    we've come a long way eh ? and theres a ways to go yet , some days i pray for that Trumpets call and others , i want my AR back and a unlimited hunting licence for those who plot and plan at the cost of so many innocents ..

    but come what may , i know there'll be good folks at the end of it , old mates waiting to greet me and well , maybe there'll be battalions in heaven , i sure hope so

    cheers to you RJ , to you and yours , here or there ,
    and to all our Brothers lost
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    Jan 18, 2005
    The older I get, the better I was.
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