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    For several years I've thought about how BEST to carry a handgun in our full-size, 4-door sedan. (Wife and I both have CCWs.) Yesterday I was going through some old back issues of Gun Digest the Magazine before recycling them, I spotted a "New Products" article about this very subject.

    In each front door our car has a small molded storage area mainly for travel maps. On the driver's side we've used it for carrying a Colt Detective Special revolver (2" barrel.) Though fairly handy - except for the right hand crossover necessary to wrestle it out of that tight area -every time I open the door I'm sure everyone within 50 feet of me has spotted that revolver handle sticking up, and immediately called the cops.

    I had one passerby spot the Colt and ask in astonishment, "Is that thing real?" And, WORSE, it has fallen out on the parking lot blacktop down at Wally World a couple of times. That is NOT good for the little guy!!!

    Here's the answer: check out and view their video. It's a great piece of equipment and I just ordered mine.


    It is made here in the U.S.A., they're ruggedly built and available in tan or gray. You can quickly move them from one vehicle to another. Only takes a few minutes to strap 'em on the seat. There's a covering flap for concealment when you're parked, or you simply tuck that covering flap inside the pouch for faster access to your weapon when you're behind the wheel. There's an additional pouch space behind the gun pocket where you can store extra magazines or speed-loaders for your wheel gun.

    Also, you might want to stick a couple of desicant packages in with the gun if you live in a humid area like us. Cuts down on danger of rust.

    A bit pricey at $49+ S&H, but a good investment for the CCW holder. And now with the extra room, I can scale up to carrying my 1911A1 .45acp with a couple of extra full mags!

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF

    LATE BREAKING - I've been advised that I should mention I have NO connection with the makers of this product. I'm simply a retiree who collects guns and packs heat on my CCW. Got no axe to grind, just want to share some good news with others like myself who want a safe and convenient way to carry in my car. Best ~ ~ ~ FFF
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