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  1. i just got my brand new .17 cal guns. One 93 savage .17HMR and a 10/22 conversion to .17HM2 I can safely shoot out my back window ( Sun Room ) about 80 yards. it is down hill and I don't get around very good since my accident. Anyway my boys put up some targets for me. But when they are not around ( they have their own families and lives so once or twice a week they try to make time, good boys )
    Since I have a 60x telescope i can see the tiny holes pretty good. but after a bit they are shot to ****. So here's my new idea. I'm going to have them rip a slot in the 1 1/2 " side of a 8' long 2x4 and mount up so that i can stick old DVD/CD discs, like I have a bunch from AOL and different no good ones. Then I figure if I'm doing really good ( shooting through the hole in the center) I won't break them.
    Now you've got to cut me a little slack on this one. It's
    6 am & I've been up with my sinuses flowing like crazy & a wicked head ache for hours .
    I may view this differently in a few hours but it seems like a great idea right now.
  2. woolleyworm

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    As long as you've got adequate backstop, it sounds good to me. Can't think of any better way to recycle all those useless discs either.:cool:

  3. Trouble 45-70

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    I cut a slot in the top of a board less than 1/4" and fill the slot with NICOS candy disks. they are about the size of a quarter, maybe a little smaller. They shatter when hit. The roll is about 3 1/2 to 4" long. Biodegradable in the next good rain and too nasty to eat. A lot of small plinking targets that don't have to be cleaned up and they are cheap.

    The only down side is if you shoot low and hit the board, the remaining NECOS have to be reset. I shoot them with.22s.
  4. ponycar17

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    It would be so hard and tempting NOT to break the CD by shooting the AOL logo. :D

    Honestly, given your situation it sounds like a good idea. :D
  6. ponycar17

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    South Carolina
    .17 HM2, NOT .17 HMR... The .17 HMR tries to contain much more pressure than the .17 HM2 round in the necked down .22 LR case versus the necked-down .22 WMR case. I haven't heard of issues with the .17 HM2 case splitting...... yet... :D
  7. If you have a good back stop a piece of
    steel hung by a chain or wire from two
    pieces of angle iron or even two steel
    rods works good and lasts forever if you
    shoot stuff that won't go through steel.
    I have a steel chicken I shoot at.
  8. Yes we are only shooting 80 yards because that is what i have safe to shoot right now. This summer we're going to take back hoe and make a big one for center fire rifles at 100 yards.
    Yes 10/22 to .17HM2 NOT .17HMR Got it from E Arthur Brown on the net comes with the heavy bolt need to slow down the blow back. I think there's others I just picked this one- no special reason. I also bought one of the thumbhole stocks and a 3x12 44mm. and I got the Yellow jacket Bolt Buffer from Cheap Gun I am thinking about the better trigger set up next.
    I also bought a Savage model 93 .17HMR because my sons have and i wanted to shoot against them for fun and maybe a dollar here and there to keep it interesting. I gotta say I was less than impressed with the fit and finish of the Savage but it does shoot good. Tough for an old timer with the accu trigger at first but I'm getting the feel for it.
    Funny I took out a CZ .22 I had shot paper with some time ago. I'd like to try one in the .17 that CZ shoots very good at 80 yards- very good. And the machine work and fit and finish is far above - but it did cost more. So maybe dollar to dollar .....
    Some day for fun I'd like to find one of those old Springfield bolt actions in .22 they used for trainers. I shot one a lot in Alaska on Sitkinak Island we had one as base moral gun. I've never sen one for sale and my memory is probably better than the gun but - hey, memories are cool
  9. Gabob

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    Dec 5, 2005
    Springfield Model 1922
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    The Springfield Model 1922 is a .22 caliber bolt action rifle. It features a 24 inch (61 cm) barrel and a 5 round magazine. It was built as a training rifle, designed to mimic the M1903 Springfield rifle for training purposes.[1] It was produced in several different versions until World War II, when shortages of materials made production of a training rifle impractical.

    The 1922M1 variant was introduced in 1925. This version had a new bolt head, an improved firing mechanism, modifications to the chambering, and a new rear sight. The stock was also modified to incorporate a flat based pistol grip.[2]

    The M1922M1 NRA variant was introduced in 1927. This rifle basically consisted of the improved M1 version's action in the original 1922 version stock. This version was made for civilian use only and was not purchased by the U.S. Military.[3]

    The 1922M2 variant was introduced in 1933. This version featured a simplified bolt and a shallower pistol grip on the stock.[4]
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    As others have long as it is sounds good to me.
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