New Gun Rest for Wheelchair Hunters and Other Shooters

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    The Versa Rest is made for disabled and able-bodied shooters alike, and can be used on a bench, the ground, a tripod or a wheelchair. We are outfitting a young man in a wheelchair with one of these, and will let you know how the rest works out. The company is also working on a high quad rig and a trigger devise that will be available in the future. Thought you would all like to know.


    Here is info from Lonestar's website:

    This is an instrument quality platform that delivers precision results. Designed to accommodate any shooter in any shooting style from "Ground Zero to Standing" with precision repeatability! With the mounting options, the Versa-Restâ„¢ " can be transferred from a "Benchrest/Ground-0" position to a "Tri-Pod" or "Wheelchair" configuration using the "same gun rest"! You only need to purchase the options needed to fit your requirements. Just transfer the Versa-Restâ„¢ "arms" from mount to mount.

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