new here thought id post a few pics of my rifles

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    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    The only change they made from the original X to the triple shock is those triple grooves on the bearing surface...and they discontinued a bunch of weight/styles (like my 100gr flat-base :( ).

    Around here Bergers are near impossible to find on the shelf, I need to order and ordering just a single box for testing gets pretty spendy.
    I've got Nosler Accubonds in the test queue for this rifle, but I leave the Ballistic Tips for varmints & yotes. I've had too many core/jacket separations using 6mm and .277 Ballistic Tips on deer...kinda skunked me on them.

    So far, my best results have been with just the good old Hornady 100gr SP.
    Consistent 1" groups is plenty good enough for deer season, but isn't quite the same as consistent 3/8" groups when long-ranging prairie dogs or paper. :D
    Yes, I got spoiled!
  2. evan03

    evan03 New Member

    the core on the nosler balistic will always come of the jacket and the bullet will pretty much disengrate and turn to dust specialy at close range at high velocities. but the heavier balistic tips are built tougher then light 85gr is for varmits and 100 for game animals and 115.
    these bullets are designed to still exspand/come apart at long range and kill game were at exstreme long ranges some hunting bullets will still penetrait but fail to exspand.

    i killed a buck at 250ish with my 3006 and 180gr nosler bt shooting almost straight up hill broad side the bullet enterd very low went through a rib hit the inside of the front shoulder blade then down through the leg. i tracked this bullet when skinning and found bullet fragments the entire way.

    a bullet i dont shoot deer with any more is the 100gr nosler bt at close range it blows huge holes in deer. at close range the 115 seems much better.

    i could talk loads and bullets and how they perform on game all day. this 25 and i have about 11 years together and about that many bucks under our belt not mention dogs and smaller critters.

    i didnt even talk about nosler partitions.

    or how well i like remington corelokts

    i could go on and on

    heres a few of whats on the wall
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  3. evan03

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    I was giving the kids a bath and remembers you said 3 grooves. I checked and 115s have 4 150 .277 have 5.

    I also think the bullet has difrent shape then old x. I don't think its got much in common with the x at all. The x was known to foul barrels
    Suposebly the grooves give the copper someplace to flow reduceing fouling. This also lowers the bearing surface area reduceing pressure allowing it to be driven harder

    Can you tell I'm bored. I realty like the triple shock. Ought and then there's the tipped triple shock
  4. Bindernut

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    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    Yep, the number of grooves does vary by the bullet length.
    The original TSX concept was adding three grooves to the bearing surface to reduce the surface area...cuts down on the fouling quite a bit. That's where the triple shock part of the name comes from and all of the original bullets released in the TSX lineup had three grooves.
    As they went through the whole lineup replacing X with TSX, they found that they needed to add either more or less grooves to the bullet according to the bearing surface length.

    The nose profiles vary by caliber and weight as well. Some are secant ogive, some tangent ogive, and some hybrid, depending on the weight per diameter. The 115gr X and the 115gr TSX have the same profile, the TSX is longer though due to the weight displaced from the grooves.

    The copper alloy is unchanged from X to TSX.
    Some guys claimed the alloy was changed and that the new TSX was a harder alloy and that is what was reducing fouling, but it is just the reduced surface area from the grooves.

    I visited with Dan and even Randy himself from Barnes several years ago and got this straight from them.
    Originally, I started out with a complaint about excessive fouling I was having when I switched a .270 load from X to TSX...naturally I was kinda worried because the TSX was supposed to have less fouling. Wound up swapping about a dozen emails and a few phone calls getting to the bottom of the problem.
    I've just been so totally impressed with the service I got from them that I'm a die-hard fan. Yeah, they're spendy (like all premium bullets) but they work fantastic.
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  5. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    TSX is the only X bullets ive ever used.
  6. evan03

    evan03 New Member

    ohhh yeah i love them to they realy shoot great in my rifles and give deer a thumping in the 220 swift. in bigger calibers i havent yet tested them im looking to drive a 115 into a elk someday. wife kids n family has put a slow down on my hunting the last few years
  7. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    for some stupid ass unexplainable reason my mini 14 shoots MOA with them. It sucks because it gets poor ammo milage and them bullets are 30 bucks a box of 50.. :(

    I use the 53 gr TSX over 24.5 gr H4895.

    My wife will use it deer hunting this year. I have been working on minifying the mini to better fit her. Its turning out pretty good, but thats another thread.. ;)
  8. evan03

    evan03 New Member

    LOL that does suck that it shoots 1" with those. I'm sure you've tried lots. Have you tried the 73s or the swift siroccos. I think you have a 1/9 barrel so it should stabslize to 70 great bullet or so

    Its twice moa good for a mini
  9. Brisk44

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    Mar 6, 2011
    Welcome to all you new guys.
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