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    Nov 22, 2016
    I have been lurking in the background for some time and decided to join. I have several h&r revolvers and the advise, wisdom and knowledge on tis forum has helped me. I currently have one h&r 199, 1st model, second variation (rice grip, firing pin in frame, single patent date on cylinder) that I am working on and I have some more H&R's on the way. I have a nearly mint H&R 904 with the 4 inch barrel and a rebuilt NEF R92 ultra with a 6 inch barrel. The R92 has pitting and was rusted with a binding in the cylinder release pin (?) that I have not figured out yet. I disassembled the R92, degreased, removed the rust and ended up dura-coating the revolver to help preserve it. Rust was so bad in some spots and pitting so bad that the blue came off. I have the pistol back together and have fired it ( 4 cylinders) for function, works great! One thing I did notice is the single action trigger pull is very light. I will post some pictures of all of my H&R's once I get them collected.
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    Athens, Georgia

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    Harriman, Tn
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    Welcome aboard, from South Carolina, John
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    John, welcome to TFF. Where in Wyoming?
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    Welcome aboard. Zero degrees in parts of Wy. Brrrrrrr. I hear you can shoot there and bullet freezes in mid air and you half to wait until the spring to see where it hits the target!
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    A warm welcome from San Antonio, Texas; gateway to south Texas. Where in Wyoming are you? Lived in Colorado for 34 years and went to WY a lot; from around Pinedale in the west and Lander in the east and up into the park. Fly fished the Wind River a lot, Ten Sleep. Even did a little hiking into the Bridger W A. Sure miss my fly fishing but not the snow, cold and ice. Did you ever bag a "JackALope"? Ha! Ha! Critters are really hard to find, especially to easterners who come to Wyoming just to hunt them. Fished the Popo Agie also with moderate luck. The Green around Pinedale turned out to be my favorite. Was really lucky to get o.k. from private owners to fish the river. Is the One Shot competition still being held?
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    Texas Hill Country
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    Welcome from Hood County Texas use for forum.jpg
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    Chicago IL Area
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