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    Dec 12, 2010
    Pacific Northwest has fantastic prices, I got my new compressor unit there plus full set of new O-rings and a new dryer for $207 delivered. Good quality and full of oil, ready to go! The dryer I would get OEM, the one they supplied is made in china but the compressor is beautiful.

    I did not do the expansion valve (it's a huge PITA to get to on the 3.4's) as my system was still blowing ice cold, just the magnetic clutch was activating occasionally on it's own. I just pulled the wire to disable it until I got around to fixing it.

    the more I do on my vehicles, the easier everything seems to actually turn out; AC is pretty easy. 5 years ago I could do not much more than change oil, now I'm supercharged, rebuilding, engine tuning, heavy modifications like solid axle swaps, engine swaps, etc. I do my own timing belts now too after a shop nearly deadlined my engine by re-using a non-reusable bolt on the crankshaft pulley. It's another addiction that thins my wallet out way too quickly!

    First time I did AC I had a shop do the evacuation/recharge I did all the mechanical work; for the labor and cost of refrigerant and 'shop materials' I could have easily bought my own machine for the same price. So harbor freight or will get my money next time and I will be set up on my own.

    anyone ever needs any Toyota 4x4 vehicle info, hit me up!
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    That's how I started working on cars. When I was young if it broke I walked. Didn't much care for walking so I learned how to fix it.
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