New Winchester Wildcat Target/ Varmint .22

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  1. Since I am just getting back into steady shooting I have recently purchased a few rim fires A CZ 452 Lux, A Savage 93 and a mark ll And a Winchester Wildcat Target / Varmint .22
    I got it late today haven't had a chance to shoot. But one thing I do know.
    The stock is beautiful, outstanding. the machine work on the bolt makes my Savages look like they were don in a high school metal shop ( in all fairness My marlin also is 5 times better looking than the Savages.
    Everything from Winchester was packed in oil and bagged. You get one 5 round and THREE 10 round clips. it is a .866" heavy barrel bluing is super. Fit and finish out standing. Adjustable trigger. A quality box that I will save. An NRA publication. A real class setup. I hope it shoots as good as it makes me feel. I was excited to get the other guns. But I'm still walking on clouds after 4 hours and I haven't shot it yet. i just feel like i got great value for my money. it's getting harder to do these days ya know.
    I have a new Marlin coming I hope it's done up as good.
    Funny i tried to post some pictures ( I know how ) but they wouldn't go through for some reason?
  2. Hambone

    Hambone New Member

    Mar 3, 2010
    I recently bought the same rifle for my son and agree with you 100%. It's a wonderful little rifle. Enjoy!

  3. Tank50

    Tank50 New Member

    Aug 18, 2009
    I have had the sporter model for about a year. They do give you value for money. Mine is very accurate. I hope yours is a shooter also.

    Enjoy your rifles. Consider posting some of your range results with each of them. Should be an interesting comparison.
  4. errolc

    errolc New Member

    May 5, 2008
    Palmerston nth NZ
    Cheers Woodie for a good description. You've got me interested...I've been looking at one a couple of weeks unfortunate thing with web shoping is not being able to get up close and feel the quality...going to make the 200 mile trip for a closer looksee and buy one.

    Didn't realise they'd been around for so long...they've just hit these shores!
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  5. todd51

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
  6. UPDATE I LOVE THIS WINCHESTER! The trigger pull suits me. I mounted a Leupold 3x9 40 (It is one of those 100th cent. the NRA sells with a custom knife.)
    The 5 shot mag and the three 10 shot mags worked perfectly. And very easy in and out. I see they are easy to take the bottom off and clean.
    I have 4 different new Marlins I like them very much ( accurate! ) i still need to find a Papermate flexgrip to replace spring ( Been to four stores haven't found one yet)
    My CZ 452 LUX is a really nice/accurate good trigger pull, great looking gun.
    My Ruger well we all know either you love them or not.
    This Winchester wildcat is my favorite clip feed rifle. I really just like the feel and the way it shoots. IT IS A VERY ACCURATE .22 smooth trigger
    My Marlin 981TS is great with it's 17 round tube magazine is truly great plinker. I have only been playing with the steel sights - no scope but it's right on and very smooth.
    I like my Marlin semi much better than my Ruger. It's more accurate ( at least in my hands) and again I like the high capacity tube magazine.
    The Winchester Wildcat is my favorite to shoot off rest ( heavy Barrel) but if I could only have one .22 rifle from what I've experienced It would be the Marlin 981TS. With considering I'd be using for everything and carrying in the field)
    I'm going to get serious and compare on paper when the weather get's better.
    Second all around would be my CZ LUX.
  7. todd51

    todd51 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    My friend Jim took his new Wildcat to the range again Friday (I couldn't go) and reports 100 yd. group (from rest) he could cover with the first joint of his thumb (don't know why he doesn't use a ruler). He was shooting Win. Super X 40gr.
  8. That's great to hear. I'm partially disabled so where my targets are way down over a bank. I have a tough time walking to in slippery weather. But I have a pond about 50 yards away with a lot of cat tails. So I shoot the cat tail stems which are only about 3/8". And I was just getting back into to shooting and i saw a sale on Rem Bulk. So I've got a couple thousand of those to get rid of. But when i can start punching paper I'll get some better ammo. But even with the Rems It's mowing down the cat tails for sure.
    I've got to figure out a good grade .22 that I can buy half way reasonably as I shoot a lot now. I may plink 300 to 400 rounds a day. And when my sons stop to shoot a couple times a week - well Dad goes through a lot of .22 shells.
    Funny I bought a Marlin.17mach2 from a nice man on the forum here and it is great to shoot. ( I really Like the rifle ) But it's almost boring because you hit everything you aim at. So for that I've got a couple of hanging golf balls on long strings. So now that's more like skeet shooting figuring out where it's gonna be. But it's all fun.
    Oh and i can't see the holes in the paper targets i do have at 80 yards with the .17 so i just bought 8,000 plastic black 1/2" bingo markers I'm glue to sheets of card board i have. So when I hit them they should disappear.
  9. todd51

    todd51 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    As others will probably tell you if you don't already know, every .22 seems to have a preference for one brand and type of ammo over the others. Before you buy to much of any one kind get a box of every thing you can find and try and see if you rifle shows a preference. Hopefully it will just love one of the bargain brands.

    I put several of Birchwood CAsey Shoot-N-C self adhesive targets on a cardboard. They really show a hit and it quite visible through the scope. I don't like walking to the 100yd target either. The bingo markers sounds like it should work. I too have some golf balls hanging from a rod or pipe so they spin around the rod, great fun.
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